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A Warning About Trophy Shipments From Pakistan

(posted July 16, 2009)

  US hunters expecting a trophy shipment for a CITES species from Pakistan should contact their shipper immediately. The Hunting Report has learned that the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) is refusing these shipments because Pakistan is not using the new standardized CITES export form that includes Block 14 at the bottom, as now required for importation into the United States. You'll recall a similar problem developed with Zimbabwe's trophy imports two years ago, compounding the already massive back-up in trophy shipments from that country at the time.

     I learned of the current problem with Pakistan through Lynley Bishop of Coppersmith, Inc. Global Logistics who just received two such shipments. The crates must be returned to Pakistan for re-export so the documentation can be corrected. Luckily, Bishop says USFWS is not forcing Pakistan to design new export forms before accepting the shipments. I am told that Pakistani authorities need only to indicate on the bottom of the form the quantity of items being validated at the time of export, as required in Block 14. They must also sign, stamp and date the document. While Pakistan includes other export documentation with the validation, USFWS requires this appear on the export permit itself.

     To ensure that your shipment paperwork has been properly completed to meet USFWS requirements, Bishop recommends you contact your operator or shipper in Pakistan and have them fax the completed export permit to your receiving agent in the US for review. If your CITES shipment has already left Pakistan and the paperwork is not properly filled out, advise your receiving agent to return the shipment, even if USFWS offers you the option of letting them seize the trophy while you file for an appeal later. John J. Jackson, III, of Conservation Force says the cost and hassle of reshipping your trophy will be many times less than going through the appeals process. You are also likely to lose the appeal and lose your trophy for good.

     "Coppersmith has done an excellent job catching this problem and alerting the hunting community," says Jackson.

     He also reminds US hunters who have taken a markhor in Pakistan (Appendix I CITES species) that they must renew their import permit if there is any delay in their shipment. Thanks to both Bishop and Jackson for this important advisory. - Barbara Crown, Editor

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Expect Hassles over Firearm Transit Permits From The Netherlands
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01/07/14   More Reports and News on Quebec Caribou
12/05/13   French Troops Deployed to CAR; US Travel Warning Issued
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08/09/13   Albino Giraffe
08/09/13   Leopard Mauls Tracker In Mozambique
08/09/13   New Marco Polo World Record
08/09/13   Feedback Sought on 2012 South African Safaris, Services, Expenses
08/02/13   Air Namibia Charging Fees To Transport Firearms
08/02/13   Hunting Firearms Confiscated in Frankfurt
08/02/13   Canadian Outfitter Fred Webb Dies at 77
07/11/13   Frankfurt Requires Firearm Permits for All Transiting Hunters
07/05/13   Hunting Report Subscribers Dominate Carlo Caldesi Awards Program
07/01/13   Tanzania Issues New Resolutions On Several Hunting Regulations and Fees
06/04/13   Two Black Rhino Opportunities Become Available in Namibia
05/09/13   92-Pound and 80-Pound Jumbo Taken in Botswana
04/29/13   Quebec Sets Caribou Hunting Rules for Next Two Seasons
04/26/13   PH Killed By Elephant In Namibia
04/26/13   PHASA Condemns Canned Bow Hunt Posted on YouTube
04/03/13   Entries Sought for Extreme Huntress Competition
04/03/13   USFWS Issues First Black Rhino Import Permit in 33 Years
03/25/13   Global Adventure Outfitters Ceases Operations
03/15/13   Three More New World Records from Uganda
03/08/13   Greg Rodriguez of Global Adventure Outfitters Killed
02/13/13   Safari Outfitters Purchases Global Hunting Resources
02/13/13   Potential New Number One Nile Bushbuck
01/21/13   Canadian Court Ruling May Impact Hunts You Book at Hunting Shows This Season
01/10/13   Zambia: Cat Hunting Closed Along with 19 Hunting Concessions for 2013
01/04/13   Zambia Cancels Hunting Allocations Due to Allegations of Corruption; Fate of 2013 Season To Be Decided But Hunting Has NOT Been Closed
12/28/12   Rebel Activity Disrupts Hunting in CAR
11/05/12   A Call for Hunters To Handle Man-eating Leopard in Nepal
11/05/12   An Important Correction to Botswana EME Bulletin
11/01/12   Botswana President Announces End of Hunting As Hunting Leases Are Extended
10/26/12   A Warning To Hunters Connecting From Flights with Delta Airlines
09/28/12   Two B&C Stone Sheep Taken with New Yukon Operator
09/28/12   Special Auction to Benefit Injured PH Stu Taylor
09/07/12   91-pound Elephant Taken in Botswana
08/31/12   Raymond A. Young Named 2013 Conklin Award Winner
08/31/12   Hunters Denied Boarding For Insufficient Visa Pages
08/31/12   John and Chrissie Jackson of Conservation Force To Receive 2013 Peter Hathaway Capstick Award
08/06/12   PHs Seriously Injured in Congo and Mozambique
08/06/12   Weatherby Award Presentation Joins Dallas Safari Club Convention
07/02/12   A Positive Hunt Report From Congo
07/02/12   2012 Carlo Caldesi Award Winners Announced
06/25/12   United Airlines Refuses to Check Through Firearms to International Destinations
06/25/12   Another Zimbabwe PH Injured in Hunting Accident
06/12/12   Zimbabwean PH Killed By Cape Buffalo
06/12/12   First Legally Sport-hunted Game Species From Liberia Since 2001
06/05/12   Liberia Reopens to Hunting
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05/04/12   Hurry! Comment Deadline On Proposed USFWS Rule Changes Is May 7
04/20/12   Big Changes Coming To Botswana Hunting For 2013
04/13/12   Wood Bison Permit Denials by USFWS Overturned By Courts
03/27/12   Miller Trophy Room Implicated in Federal Conspiracy Case
03/20/12   Immediate Permit Auction Opportunity for Shiras Moose!
03/20/12   A Call to Hunters & Trophy Import Brokers to Comment on New USFWS Proposal
03/14/12   New Rash of Trophy Import Seizures by USFWS
02/27/12   Urgent Warning On Leopard and Elephant Trophy Imports Into US
02/09/12   Tanzania Releases List of Concession Allocations
01/04/12   A Timely Auction Opportunity for Tule Elk
01/04/12   Two Interesting Auction Hunts at DSC
11/08/11   Thieves Target Trophy Shipment From Botswana
10/12/11   Beware of Anthrax Outbreak In Zambia
10/12/11   Iran Delays Issuing of Hunting Licenses
10/06/11   Hunting Report Subscriber to Receive Conklin Award at DSC Convention
10/06/11   Update on Leopard Trophy Imports: Namibia OK, Zambia A Problem
09/12/11   USFWS Seizing Namibian Leopard Trophies
08/23/11   Has China Issued Hunting Permits?
08/18/11   Renewed Problems With Mozambique Leopard Imports
08/18/11   Changes Implemented For Netherlands Firearms Transit Permit
08/01/11   Botswana Government Says There Is No Plan To Ban Hunting
07/19/11   What Botswana's Ban on Hunting Really Means
07/07/11   Some Special Permit Opportunities In The Lone Star State
06/29/11   Texas Desert Bighorn Permit Comes Up For Auction
06/23/11   Kansas Operator Convicted In "Largest Deer Poaching Case in History"
06/14/11   Arizona Fire Spreads Across Prime Hunting Areas
05/31/11   USFWS Seizing Mozambique Leopard Trophies
05/13/11   Zimbabwe Produces Two More Big Jumbo
05/13/11   Feedback On Those Ethiopian Problem Lions;
03/21/11   2011 Quebec Caribou Hunts Are On - With Some Limitations
02/18/11   PH Killed By Poachers in Tanzania
02/18/11   A Call For Zambia Elephant Import Applications
01/13/11   DSC Show Sets Tone for 2011
01/13/11   Mozambique Association Releases List of Member Operators
01/04/11   Warning About Trophy Import Seizures In The US
12/29/10   Quebec Delays Decision On George River Caribou
12/29/10   American Hunters Head To Iran
12/10/10   Don't Book The Wrong Hunt! Tips For The Upcoming Hunting Shows
12/10/10   Warning About Illegal Jaguar Hunts Marketed To Hunters
12/10/10   Another Big Jumbo Taken In Namibia
11/19/10   Ethiopian Airlines Bans Firearms On Flights Through South Africa
11/19/10   Another 100-Pound Jumbo! This Time From Mozambique . . .
11/16/10   Urgent: Bowhunters Cannot Transit The Netherlands With Broadheads
11/16/10   US Import Permits To Be Issued for Marco Polo Hunters
11/04/10   100-Pound Jumbo Taken In Namibia
10/26/10   New Reasons For Leopard Trophy Seizures By USFWS
10/26/10   68-Inch Moose Taken In The Northeast
09/29/10   PHASA Suspends Krys Wessels of Kukuzans Safaris
09/24/10   Dawie Groenewald Arrested For Alleged Rhino Poaching
09/16/10   Tajikistan Issues List of Approved Marco Polo Sheep Hunters With Official Documentation Re-Opening Season
09/15/10   Belize: Organized Big Game Hunting Returns
09/09/10   Labrador Suspends Caribou Hunts; Quebec Continues Business As Usual
09/09/10   An Unusual Bushbuck Trophy From Mozambique
08/27/10   Hunting Report Editor In Hunting Accident
08/06/10   More On The Suspension of Sporthunting In Uganda
08/06/10   Top 5 Livingstone Eland Taken In Botswana
08/06/10   Two BIG Elephant Taken In Botswana
08/06/10   USF&W To Issue Import Permits For Tanzania Elephant
08/02/10   Uganda Announces Suspension Of Sport Hunting
07/28/10   PH Mauled By Lion In Zambia
07/28/10   Rowland Ward Lion Taken in Mozambique
07/09/10   Tajikistan Possibly Moving Forward To Reopen Hunting
06/16/10   Botswana Elephant Auction Results
06/04/10   No Hunting In Tajikistan
06/04/10   Cameroon Charter Problems Strand Hunters
05/18/10   Another Big Jumbo Taken In Botswana
05/18/10   New African Expo Takes Place In Charlotte, NC
05/18/10   Zimbabwe Now Requires Currency Declarations
05/18/10   Namibia Allocates Leopard Hunting Permits
04/30/10   EU Countries Allowing Air Travel With Ammo
04/30/10   Time Remains For New England Moose Applications & Auctions
04/23/10   Dawie Groenewald Of Out of Africa Sentenced For Wildlife Violation
04/15/10   Flights Through Europe Cancelled Due To Volcanic Eruption
04/14/10   100-Pound Elephant Taken In Botswana!
04/09/10   A Warning About Caribou Hunts In Northwest Territories
04/09/10   Illegal PAC Hunts Sold In Mozambique
04/01/10   Possible New Muzzleloader World Record Desert Bighorn
04/01/10   A Correction To This Month's Report On Hunt Alaska
04/01/10   Has The EU Banned Ammo From Air Travel?
03/05/10   South African Airways Cracking Down On Firearms Transport
03/05/10   Utah Extends Application Deadline Due to Technical Problems
03/05/10   Watch-Group Targets The Humane Society of The United States
02/26/10   Heads Up On RSA Leopard Hunts
02/19/10   Clarifying News On Air Botswana's New Firearm Policy
02/19/10   Illegal PAC Lion Hunts Offered In Zimbabwe
02/15/10   USFWS Seizes Elephant Trophies Mounted on Bases
02/15/10   New Zealand Heli-Hunting In The News Again
01/18/10   First Ever Desert Sheep Permit For Coahuila To Be Auctioned by WSF Plus, 2nd Year of Permits for Chihuahua, More
01/18/10   More Big Trophies From Uganda
01/13/10   Tajikistan Re-Opens for Hunting
12/30/09   United Airlines Falls Short With New Policy on Transporting Antler/Horns
12/18/09   United Airlines Backs Off No-Antlers Policy
12/18/09   Argentina Levies New "Reciprocity Fee" For Certain Travelers
12/18/09   A Lion Stalking Adventure
12/18/09   Could This Be A Harvey's Duiker?
12/11/09   USFWS Starts Zero Tolerance Policy; How You Can Avoid Trophy Seizures
12/11/09   What To Do About Zimbabwe's Suspended Hunting Permits
11/30/09   Moratorium on Namibian Leopard & Cheetah Extended into 2010
11/20/09   Has Hunting Closed In The Okavango Delta of Botswana?
11/12/09   USFWS Releases Tajikistan Marco Polo Trophies
11/12/09   Big Jumbo Hit the Ground in Tanzania
11/06/09   USFWS Denies Permits For Markhor From Torghar Project
11/06/09   PH's Personal Account Of Recent Elephant Attack
10/27/09   Good News on Lion and Elephant For Next CITES Meeting
10/27/09   PH Gored by Elephant
10/27/09   Selling Ivory To Save The Elephants
10/15/09   Heads Up to US Hunters on Zimbabwe Conservancy Hunts
10/15/09   No US Import Permits Issued For Marco Polo From Tajikistan
10/15/09   First Nile Buffalo Taken Since Hunting Reopens In Uganda
10/09/09   NAPHA Issues Clarifying Statement On Illegal Hunting
10/09/09   Another BIG Buck Taken In Kansas
10/05/09   BIG Bucks Hit The Ground Early in Kansas
09/23/09   First Seizure of Elephant Tusks With Brass Bands As "Worked Ivory"
09/23/09   NAPHA Takes Hard Stance Against Violators in Namibia
09/18/09   USFWS Denies Import Permits for Mozambique Jumbo
09/18/09   New Life For Initiatives to Import Cheetah, Black-faced Impala and Black Rhino
09/18/09   Hunting Report Editor Speaks At International Hunting Symposium
08/21/09   British Airways Now Charging $$$ To Carry Firearms
08/21/09   Urgent News On Marco Polo Shipments From Tajikistan
08/14/09   Warning About Booking A Konya Sheep Hunt
08/14/09   Potential New World Record Roe Deer
08/14/09   PH Killed By Elephant In Tanzania
08/07/09   Canadian Guide and Client Die In Helicopter Crash
08/04/09   New Hampshire To Auction Moose Permits
08/04/09   Heads Up On Leopard Hunting in Namibia
08/04/09   USFWS Begins Issuing 2009 Tanzania Elephant Permits
07/29/09   So, Who Got Those Namibian Government Trophy Concessions?
07/29/09   Tanzania To Enforce Age Limits On Trophy Lions
07/29/09   Hunting Opened In Malawi
07/16/09   A Warning About Trophy Shipments From Pakistan
07/16/09   Warnings & Recommendations For Those Leftover Kansas Deer Permits
07/10/09   First Sesse Island Sitatunga Taken In 30 Years
07/10/09   Auction Opportunity For First Tennessee Elk Hunt in 150 Years
07/10/09   San Miguel Outdoors Under Police Investigation
07/10/09   Carlo Caldesi Award Winner Announced
06/22/09   San Miguel Outdoors Ceases Operations
06/15/09   Moratorium On Namibia Leopard Permits
06/15/09   Court Ruling On RSA Lion Hunting Means Big Changes
06/09/09   Clarifying Rumors About "New" Netherlands Transit Permit Requirements
06/04/09   Urgent Call For All Markhor Hunters
06/04/09   Potential New World Record Rhino Taken
05/13/09   Big Fight Brewing Over Helicopter-Assisted Hunting in New Zealand
05/04/09   Dog Handler Accidentally Shot During Leopard Hunt In Namibia
05/04/09   What You Need To Know About Swine Flu and Travel
05/04/09   Delta Begins Charging For Second Checked Bag on International Flights
05/04/09   TSA Still Confiscating .50 Cal Ammo
04/13/09   New Travel Warning Issued For CAR
04/01/09   Revisiting The David van der Muelen Affair
04/01/09   Special Hunt Opportunity To Benefit Lion Conservation
03/27/09   Important News On Travel To Africa With South African Airways
03/20/09   Suit Forces US Fish & Wildlife To Move On Wood Bison Downlisting
03/19/09   Defunct African Internet Server Hampers Operator/Client Communications
03/13/09   Pending New SCI World Record Mule Deer
03/06/09   Big Jumbo Taken in Zimbabwe
03/06/09   Latest Travel Warnings & Alerts Issued For Pakistan, Sudan & Mexico
03/06/09   Clarification On UK Firearm Transit Ban
02/26/09   Ethiopia Announces Huge Increases In Trophy Fees
02/19/09   Last-Minute Montana Bighorn Permit Available at GSCO Show
02/19/09   Auction Opportunity For Wyoming Big Game Licenses
02/13/09   Popular Hunting Destinations Added To UK's Firearm Ban
02/03/09   First Ever Permits for Desert Bighorns In Chihuahua, Mexico To Be Auctioned
01/29/09   Cambodia Opens After 55-Year Closure
01/27/09   African Lion Hunting In Crisis
01/23/09   China to Reopen in Fall of 2009
01/19/09   The Hunting Report Goes On Web TV
01/19/09   USFWS Continues Seizing "Worked" CITES Trophy Items
01/15/09   Backlog in African CITES Trophy Shipments Breaks Loose
01/08/09   100-Pound Jumbo Taken In Mozambique
01/08/09   Well-Respected Tanzania PH Dies
01/08/09   US Customs Targets Travelers From Africa For Search & Seizures
12/24/08   Namibia Postpones Concession Auction - Again
12/24/08   Zambia Cuts Lion Quota
12/17/08   US State Department Issues Travel Warning For Zimbabwe
12/12/08   Namibia To Auction Government Concessions
12/05/08   No Transiting Of Firearms to Sudan Through Amsterdam
12/05/08   Holder of Chewore North Concession Named on Zimbabwe Banned List
11/25/08   Huge Moose Taken In NWT
11/25/08   Zimbabwe Banned List Update
11/13/08   Diana Hunting Tours Founder Resurrects Bankrupt Agency
11/13/08   E-Mail Scam Targets Outfitter's Clients
11/03/08   Diana Hunting Tours Declares Bankruptcy; Refunds Available For Booked Hunters
10/28/08   A Warning About Diana Hunting Tours
10/17/08   FBI & Royal Canadian Mounted Police Investigate Caribou Outfitter
10/10/08   Zimbabwe Suspends Elephant Management Hunts In National Parks
09/12/08   Possible New World Record Banteng Taken
09/12/08   Tuttulik Outfitters Abruptly Suspends Operations in Quebec, Other Caribou Outfitters Cancel Hunts
09/05/08   Good News On Delayed Central African Trophy Shipments
09/05/08   Another Dangerous Game Attack
09/05/08   190-Pound Leopard Taken In Tanzania
08/29/08   Canadian Outfitter Dies In Plane Crash
08/22/08   Client and PH Struck By Buffalo In Tanzania
08/14/08   Blockbuster Merger Creates World's Largest Hunting Outfitter Corporation
08/08/08   Tanzania PH Knocked Down By Cape Buffalo
07/25/08   An Update On Zimbabwe
07/25/08   Good News On Tanzania Elephant
07/17/08   Huge Bison Makes B & C
07/10/08   USFWS Seizing Trophy Shipments Under New "Hunting Trophy" Definition
07/02/08   The Zimbabwe Mess: What To Do Now….
07/01/08   Well-Known PH Struck By Leopard
06/24/08   Zimbabwe Turmoil: What To Do Now
06/11/08   Bob Kern Trial Verdict Is In
06/11/08   Another Zimbabwe Travel Alert
06/06/08   CITES Paperwork Problem: The News Is Getting Worse
05/30/08   CITES Paperwork SNAFU Creating Huge Trophy Shipment Boondoggle
05/21/08   An Important Warning About Polar Bear Imports
05/14/08   It's A Done Deal! Polar Bear Is Listed As Threatened
05/13/08   Polar Bear Ruling Creates Confusion
05/09/08   A Heads-Up On Zimbabwe Trophy Shipments
05/05/08   Traveling With Ammo: TSA Confiscating Some Large-Caliber Ammo
05/02/08   Zimbabwe Banned List Updated And Expanded
04/29/08   Grim News For Polar Bear Hunters
04/15/08   US State Department Issues New Travel Alert
04/11/08   It's All Systems Go For New Kamchatka Air Service
04/08/08   An Update On Zimbabwe
04/02/08   Stop Press Bulletin On Polar Bear
04/01/08   A Word Of Caution About Travel to South Africa
03/28/08   A Warning About Delayed Trophy Shipments From Tanzania
03/25/08   Quebec Government To Pay For Ruined Caribou Hunts
03/19/08   Captive Lions Hunts Are OK Through 2008
03/07/08   Warning! Don't Plan A Rocky Mountain Wolf Hunt Yet
03/06/08   An Update On That Polar Bear Decision
02/29/08   US State Department Issues Cameroon Travel Warning
02/21/08   Taxidermist Clifford Hales Arrested Seized Trophies Need To Be Claimed
02/18/08   State Department Issues Zimbabwe Travel Alert
02/18/08   More On The FNAWS/ISHA – GSCO Lawsuit
02/15/08   Caution: Don’t Forget Those New US Border Crossing Requirements
02/05/08   Alaska Company Announces A New International Charter Service For Hunters
02/01/08   Gland Slam Club Ovis Wins Lawsuit Against FNAWS
01/26/08   Dateline: Reno, Nevada News From The Convention Floor
01/24/08   Dateline: Reno, Nevada News From The Convention Floor
01/09/08   Namibia News Flash. Plus, Polar Bear Update
01/04/08   Tanzania Fees & Zimbabwe Banned List
12/21/07   Agreement Reached on 2008 Safari Fees In Tanzania
12/13/07   Brown Bear In Alaska
12/13/07   Hangai Argali in Mongolia
12/07/07   More On That Disturbing Report From The Philippines
12/04/07   A Disturbing Report From The Philippines
11/26/07   Agreement Reached On Tanzania Fee Increase
11/09/07   India To Reopen Hunting?
11/02/07   The Real Skinny On Those Markhor Permits
10/30/07   Is US State Department Targeting Zimbabwe Hunts?
10/26/07   Botswana Closes Lion Hunting
10/23/07   Grim News From Tanzania.
10/19/07   The Truth About That Dust-Up In Zimbabwe
10/03/07   US State Dept. Issues Another Zimbabwe Security Warning
09/28/07   An Update On That American Airlines Gun Ban
09/21/07   American Airlines Implements Firearms Ban to Europe & Asia
09/18/07   Brouhaha Over Quebec/Labrador Caribou Hunts
09/07/07   Usangu Safaris: New Forum Going Live Monday
08/24/07   Tanzania Fee Increase: New Turmoil Develops
08/23/07   An Important Warning About Usangu Safaris
08/17/07   More On The Cliffhanger In Tanzania.
08/17/07   A Reassurance About Zambia
08/10/07   Update On George Sevich
08/06/07   New JIA Hiccup. Plus, Latest On Tanzania
08/06/07   Tanzania Season Still A Go
08/02/07   George Sevich Resurfaces
07/27/07   The Latest On That Tanzania Fee Increase
07/24/07   An Urgent Warning About Delta
07/18/07   Crisis In Tanzania Easing
07/13/07   New Zimbabwe Security Warning
07/12/07   Announced Fee Increases Have Tanzania Hunting Operators in Crisis Mode
07/11/07   All Clients Safe: A Robbery/Shooting In Cameroon
06/29/07   Marco Polo Permits: Tajikistan Ok; Kyrgyzstan Still Possible
06/22/07   A Heads-Up About South African Airways
06/13/07   An Important Reminder For Hunters Headed to Canada
05/11/07   A last minute bulletin on Zimbabwe
05/11/07   California Elk/Sheep Drawings Open to Nonresidents
05/07/07   Captive Lion Hunting Ban Delayed Until February 2008
05/03/07   Dalavia Cancels Kamchatka Flight Service
05/03/07   An Urgent Warning About Leopard Trophies From Namibia
04/25/07   An Important Warning About Nepal
04/20/07   Good News On CAR And Zimbabwe
04/05/07   US State Department Gearing Up To Issue Zimbabwe Travel Warning
03/26/07   Gun-Fee Rollback!
03/23/07   Some Reminders About Taking Guns To, And Through, South Africa
03/15/07   Hunter Takes White Bongo in CAR
03/09/07   CAR Travel Warning
03/05/07   Update on Kamchatka Flight Service
03/05/07   NW/KLM Charging For Firearms
02/21/07   A Surprise Announcement On Canned Lions
02/09/07   An Important Note About Polar Bears
02/01/07   Anchorage/Kamchatka Air Service May Be Resumed
02/01/07   An Important Note For Clients Booked With Leopard Ridge
01/19/07   Two Africa Developments
01/12/07   NWT Caribou Permits May Be Slashed
01/11/07   Special Sheep Permit To Be Auctioned
01/10/07   Nepal To Reopen Hunting
01/02/07   US F&W Service Proposal May End Polar Bear Hunting
12/21/06   Possible Good News On Ovis-GSCO/FNAWS Lawsuit
12/06/06   Are American Hunters Being Targeted For Kidnapping In Mexico?
11/29/06   State Department Issues Panicky CAR Travel Warning.
11/20/06   Grand Slam/Ovis Sues FNAWS
11/09/06   Boycott Air Canada
11/03/06   Air Canada Wins Fight Over Firearms Handling Fee
10/13/06   Hold-Up in Mongolia Trophy Exports
10/10/06   China Cancels Hunting For This Fall.
09/27/06   Challenges To Safari Industry
09/12/06   Tanzania PH Gored By Buffalo
08/22/06   Feedback Sought On George Sevich of Eurasian Expeditions
08/14/06   Hunting In China is Suspended - Again!
08/11/06   Another Zambian Company Loses Hunting Concession
08/08/06   New Bill Limits Value Of Trophy Deductions
08/04/06   A Leopard Mauling in Mozambique
07/26/06   Out of Africa Principal Ousted By PHASA and Zimbabwe Parks
07/19/06   Tanzania Reopens Lion Hunting
07/19/06   USF&W Nixes 2006/7 Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Season
07/18/06   Tanzania Puts Lion Hunting On Hold
07/10/06   Tanzania Makes Last-Minute Quota Cuts
07/07/06   Latest On Russian Hunting Season
Plus, A Warning About Magadan Air
06/19/06   Big News On The Airline Front. Plus, New Lion Mauling
06/10/06   Trophy Shipment Boondoggle Emerging
06/09/06   Two Quick New Bulletins
06/02/06   GOABC Joins Air Canada Fight. Plus, New Black Rhino Available
05/26/06   Canada Group Joins
Air Canada Boycott
05/26/06   American Hunter Dies In
Tragic New Zealand Hunting Accident
05/16/06   NRA and SCI Join Air Canada Battle
05/04/06   Are Those Newly Proposed Regs Bad News For All Hunting In South Africa?
04/27/06   A Trio Of Airline Developments
04/20/06   Air Canada Enacts Huge Firearms Handling Fee
04/14/06   Special Sheep Permit To Be Auctioned Next Week.
04/07/06   Success! First No-Dog Bongo Taken In Cameroon
03/23/06   APHIS Revises Ruminant Import Ban.....Plus, Good And Bad News On Russia
03/17/06   A Stop-Press Warning About Trophy Shipments
03/06/06   More On That Credit Card Fraud Investigation
02/22/06   An Urgent Warning for Hunters Headed To Cameroon....Plus, A Book Review
02/14/06   Delta Announces Service to South Africa
02/13/06   Utah Guarantees Permits Through “Dedicated Hunter Program”
01/24/06   Still More On Zimbabwe Banned List...Plus, Tragic PH Death In Namibia
01/13/06   An Invitation. Plus, A White Bongo Photo
01/06/06   Zimbabwe “Hunt-Ban Report” Is False
01/04/06   More On That World Record Caribou
12/20/05   Zimbabwe: More on Banned Individuals, HHK Safaris and Our Position on 2006 Safaris
12/15/05   Environmentalists Buy Out Bella Coola Outfitters in BC
12/02/05   Zimbabwe Development Needs To Be Watched Closely
11/18/05   More On Those Unpaid Safari Fees In Zimbabwe
11/11/05   Concern Building About Unpaid Safari Fees In Zimbabwe. Plus, A Note About Out of Africa
11/04/05   South Africa Report: Causing Huge Concern
10/21/05   An Important Letter For Hunters Transiting New York
10/07/05   New Delay In Allocating Namibian Concession Areas (Delay Affects Rhino Hunting)
09/23/05   First White Farm Seized In South Africa
09/09/05   Update On John and Chrissie Jackson. Plus, A Correction
09/02/05   Second Black Rhino Taken. Plus, Some Hurricane Katrina Notes
08/25/05   Offering Includes Alberta Minister’s Permit Special Auction of Sheep Tags
08/17/05   Clearing Guns At Johannesburg International Airport: An On-Site Report
08/03/05   Latest On South African Airways Pilot Strike
08/01/05   First Black Rhino Is Killed
07/29/05   Latest On: SAA Strike; Russian Hunting Season; More
07/21/05   Latest On That South African Airways Strike
07/20/05   South African Airways Strike Looming
06/14/05   An Important Trophy-Shipment Crackdown
06/10/05   Reassurance On Zimbabwe....Plus, Two Sad Farewells. And A Book Review
06/03/05   Feedback Sought On RSA Gun Import Problems
05/25/05   A Personal Note From Don Causey
05/13/05   The Skinny on Russian Spring Bear Importations
05/09/05   Don Causey Injured In Cameroon
05/05/05   Update on Russia
04/29/05   Update on Russia, Plus Zimbabwe
04/27/05   Russia Closes Hunting
04/27/05   IDAHO: New Deer Plan Affects 2005 Hunt
04/25/05   An Important Fee Increase
04/25/05   Non-Resident Hunting Bill On The Move
04/12/05   Zimbabwe PH Killed By An Elephant
04/12/05   Plus, A Last-Minute Bulletin
04/08/05   Trophy Donations Under Fire
04/01/05   A Heads-Up On Cheap Africa Fares
03/21/05   An Ugly Incident In Central African Republic
03/09/05   A Kamchatka Bear-Season Warning
03/04/05   Alberta Deer Cull. New Polar Bear Petition.
02/23/05   A Head's Up About Metis Hunting In Alberta
02/11/05   NonResident Permit Fight Heats Up Again
02/02/05   Some Good & Not So Good - News About South African Airways
01/24/05   A New Document Surfaces On Out of Africa
01/10/05   A Heads-Up On Black Rhino Hunts
12/17/04   New Developments in Afghanistan and Zimbabwe
12/01/04   Lion Hunting Re-Opens in Botswana!
11/12/04   Non-Resident Permit Fight Takes Dramatic New Turn
11/02/04   A Last-Minute Mule Deer Hunt
10/15/04   Lion Hunting Saved: A CITES Update
10/08/04   Mouflon Sheep Hunters Needed
10/06/04   The Latest CITES Developments
08/20/04   Important New South Africa Gun Requirements
08/11/04   A Warning About Bad Trophy Salt
08/06/04   Botswana Ivory So Far.
07/22/04   An Urgent Bulletin About Securicor Gray!
07/20/04   Another Buffalo Accident In Africa
07/19/04   Bob Fontana Killed By Buffalo
07/19/04   Gun Handling Service Emerges In South Africa
07/02/04   Gun Jam-Up In South Africa.
06/29/04   Warning! A New USF&WS Investigation
06/24/04   Congo Exploratory Safari A Disappointment
06/22/04   Ban Lifted on CITES Trophies From CAR!
06/09/04   Congo Opens To Hunting
06/04/04   More On That Possible Lion Uplisting.
05/28/04   Input Sought On Fish and Wildlife Investigation
05/05/04   Grand Slam Club/Ovis and FNAWS Are Splitting.
04/06/04   Zimbabwe Consular Information Sheet Is Wrong!
03/26/04   The Truth About That Chopper Crash in Kyrgyzstan
03/02/04   Important Bison Opportunity
02/20/04   Want To Hunt South Africa Texas-Style?
02/20/04   All China Hunts Put On Hold
02/05/04   Zimbabwe Travel Warning
02/05/04   New Mexico Mule Deer Tags
01/20/04   Stone Sheep Quota Slashed 20 Percent
12/11/03   New SCI World Record Marco Polo
11/12/03   A Troubling Development In Zambia
10/13/03   Who Wants To Go To Congo?
09/18/03   BC Backcountry Travel Ban Lifted
09/08/03   Trouble Looming Over Hunts Booked With Jaco du Plessis
09/05/03   Update On That BC Travel Ban
09/02/03   BC Wildfires Last-Minute Update
08/29/03   Emergency Bulletin On BC Wildfires
08/26/03   Still Another Wrinkle In That Canadian Game Meat Ban
08/15/03   Conservation Force Wins Argali Suit
08/08/03   USDA Lifts Ban On Canadian Game Meat!
08/08/03   Fire and Disease May Affect Your Early Idaho Hunt
08/01/03   Canadian Ruminant Meat Still Banned?
07/22/03   Kenya Air Accident Shocks Hunting Community
07/11/03   Watch Out for Illegal Hunts In Zimbabwe
07/02/03   Search For Jaco du Plessis Abandoned
06/20/03   Two PHs Reported Missing
06/12/03   An Urgent Warning On Zambia
06/09/03   A Cautionary Heads-Up On Zimbabwe
06/03/03   That New Ruminant Ban & Your Canadian Hunt
05/27/03   An Important New Warning On Zambia
05/07/03   Quebec Caribou Outfitter Is Indicted
04/15/03   Famed PH Jailed In Chad
04/11/03   Alaskan Hunts in Jeopardy
03/21/03   Maine Moose Tag Available Immediately
03/20/03   More On That Zimbabwe Executive Order
03/17/03   The Latest On That Crisis In CAR
03/12/03   A New Heads-Up On Zimbabwe
02/18/03   Urgent Bulletin For Zimbabwe-Bound Hunters
02/12/03   "Chasse Libre Hunt" Openings In Burkina Faso
02/05/03   Good News For Tourist Hunters And Shooters
02/04/03   Bulletin On Botswana Lion Hunting
02/04/03   Bad News On Afghan Wildlife
02/04/03   Latest On James Bay Adventures.
02/04/03   New British Airways Gun Policy
01/30/03   More On Zimbabwe Travel Warning
01/27/03   Zimbabwe Travel Warning
01/13/03   More On Sudan...
01/13/03   A Warning About James Bay Adventures
01/10/03   Stop-Press Announcement On Congo-Kinshasa!
01/03/03   A Warning On Sudan. Plus, Online Hunt Reports
12/24/02   Good News On Those Hunts In Vietnam
12/09/02   Hunting News: The Very Latest On Zambia!
12/06/02   Hunting News: Informative Subscriber Report on Zimbabwe
11/28/02   Zambia (Finally!) Issuing Hunting Areas
11/22/02   Latest On Those Hunts In Italy
11/08/02   News From Zimbabwe, Tanzania And More…
10/15/02   Hunting Area Opened In Zambia!
10/11/02   South Africa’s Top Nyala Hotspot
10/11/02   Handgun Hunting In The Northern Territory, Australia
10/11/02   Five Zimbabwe Jumbo!
10/04/02   On Hunting The Yukon
09/27/02   A Visit To Glenroy Lodge
09/23/02   A Zimbabwe Travel Tip
09/18/02   A Quick Warning on South Africa
09/13/02   Computer Glitches on US Tag Allocations
09/05/02   Idaho Hunting Opportunities
09/03/02   Good News On Giant Sable
08/30/02   Tanzania Professional Hunter Killed
08/30/02   Situation "Normal" in Quebec/Labrador Caribou Country
08/13/02   Leftover Montana Outfitter Sponsored Licenses
08/05/02   White Mountain Indian Reservation Update
08/05/02   An Early Look At A New Zealand Report
07/19/02   It's Official: Zimbabwe Gun Ban Is Lifted
07/18/02   Zimbabwe Gun Ban To Be Lifted
07/09/02   Big Jumbo Taken In Kruger National Park
07/03/02   The Latest On Zimbabwe
06/25/02   An Important Warning From Zambia
06/24/02   A Warning About Travel To Canada
06/24/02   White Mountain Main Victim Of Arizona Wildfire
06/19/02   Good News On Zimbabwe Gun Ban
06/17/02   US Citizens Barred From Taking Guns To Zimbabwe
06/14/02   New Gun Import License Requirement In Zimbabwe
06/11/02   List Of Zambia Game Ranchers
05/30/02   Feedback From South Africa/Zimbabwe
05/29/02   First Zambia Ranch Hunt A Success
05/22/02   Some General News On Southern Africa
05/16/02   Update On Zambia Game Ranch Hunting
05/16/02   Clarifying That New State Department Warning On Zimbabwe
05/15/02   Zimbabwe - New Public Announcement From The Department Of State
05/09/02   A Brand-New "Uh-oh!" In Zambia
05/02/02   Zambia Logjam Broken! Hunting To Proceed
04/24/02   All About Those New Gun Import Procedures In South Africa
04/17/02   Tanzania Operator Files For Bankruptcy
04/17/02   No Progress On Reopening Hunting In Zambia
04/16/02   Some Negative Feedback On Zimbabwe
04/11/02   Airline Travel With Firearms: Some Do's And Don'ts
04/09/02   Fascinating Information About NWT
04/08/02   Final Word On That Caribou Herd "Crash"
04/04/02   Stop-Press Announcement Expected Soon On Zambia!
04/03/02   Interesting Trophy Hunt In The Aleutians
03/27/02   New UK Travel Warning On Zimbabwe
03/22/02   Court Blocks Zambia Concession Awards
03/21/02   No Firm Word Yet On Zambia
03/20/02   Zambia Reopening In Doubt
03/18/02   Hunting Area Allocations Announced In Zambia
03/12/02   Latest On Zambia and Zimbabwe
03/12/02   A Warning About Those 'Hunts' In Kenya
03/12/02   Latest On Those US Visitor Gun Permits
03/01/02   Huge Moose Taken In Russia
02/27/02   More On Those New Aeroflot Gun Security Charges
02/27/02   More On That US Gun-Declaration Requirement
02/22/02   Latest On Zambia/Zimbabwe
02/21/02   Important Gun Development In Russia!
02/19/02   Urgent News For Foreign Hunters And Shooters! New Gun Import Regulations Take Effect Today
02/14/02   US Tightens Gun Import Rules For Visitors
02/05/02   Zambia Area Allocation Still On Track
02/04/02   Last-Minute Hitch In Zambia
02/04/02   Deadline Nearing For Maine Moose Auction Permit
01/31/02   More On That Warning About Zimbabwe
01/28/02   Noteworthy Developments In Zambia and Botswana
01/28/02   Zimbabwe Operators Make Case For 2002
01/24/02   Huge Hunting Fee Changes In Mexico
01/23/02   Argentina Tightens Gun-Import Requirements
01/22/02   A Special Warning On Zimbabwe
01/18/02   Zambia Moves Still Closer To Reopening Hunting
01/11/02   This Illinois Whitetail Outfitter A Real Find!
01/07/02   Zambia Moves Closer To Opening Hunting
12/28/01   Mexico License About To Skyrocket?
12/28/01   An Argentina Travel Suggestion
12/24/01   All About That New Uganda Hunting Program
12/21/01   Caution Urged On Uganda
12/17/01   New Move To open Hunting In Zambia
12/17/01   Big Hunting Cuts Proposed In Botswana
12/07/01   European Union Bans BC Grizzly Imports
12/05/01   Another Big Buck Taken In Canada!
11/26/01   New Rumors About Zambia
11/23/01   Big Sheep Taken In Alberta
11/23/01   Alberta Whitetail May Be New No. 2
11/16/01   Pikes Peak Under Criminal Investigation
11/15/01   Tajikistan Feedback
11/15/01   New Uganda Wrinkle
11/08/01   Last-Minute Deer-Hunting Opportunity
11/08/01   Big Elephant In Zimbabwe
11/07/01   United Airlines Gun Problem In London
10/31/01   Aerolitoral Reconsiders Gun Policy
10/31/01   Famed PH Dies
10/31/01   Missile Range Hunt Update
10/26/01   White Sands Missile Range Rescheduling 2001 Oryx Hunts
10/25/01   Cape Buffalo Accident
10/25/01   Great Bison Opportunity
10/23/01   PanAngling/Panhunting Update
10/23/01   Aerolitoral Bans Guns
10/15/01   More on Cancelled Military-Base Hunts; States Authorize License/Permit Refunds
10/04/01   Un-Mounted Deer Trophy Import Ban Lifted
09/28/01   A Warning On Military-Base Hunts; Trophy Imports
09/27/01   PanAngling/PanHunting and Pikes Peak Outfitters Closure

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Ecuador Hunting (1)
England Hunting (23)
Estonia Hunting (2)
Ethiopia Hunting (38)
France Hunting (1)
Germany Hunting (1)
Ghana Hunting (2)
Greece Hunting (2)
Greenland Hunting (4)
Hungary Hunting (9)
Iceland Hunting (2)
Italy Hunting (1)
Iran Hunting (2)
Kazakhstan Hunting (11)
Kyrgyzstan Hunting (20)
Liberia Hunting (6)
Macedonia Hunting (5)
Mexico Hunting (137)
Mongolia Hunting (67)
Mozambique Hunting (79)
Namibia Hunting (256)
Nepal Hunting (2)
New Caledonia Hunting (19)
New Zealand Hunting (217)
Pakistan Hunting (17)
Papua New Guinea Hunting (4)
Philippines Hunting (3)
Poland Hunting (5)
Romania Hunting (11)
Russia Hunting (80)
Scotland Hunting (28)
Serbia Hunting (1)
Slovakia Hunting (1)
Slovenia Hunting (3)
South Africa Hunting (718)
Spain Hunting (171)
Sudan Hunting (4)
Switzerland Hunting (4)
Tajikistan Hunting (37)
Tanzania Hunting (256)
Turkey Hunting (24)
Turkmenistan Hunting (10)
Uganda Hunting (10)
Ukraine Hunting (3)
Vietnam Hunting (1)
Yugoslavia Hunting (1)
Zambia Hunting (143)
Zimbabwe Hunting (537)

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Alberta Hunting (115)
Manitoba Hunting (22)
New Brunswick Hunting (4)
Newfoundland Hunting (32)
Nunavut Hunting (65)
Northwest Territories Hunting (195)
Ontario Hunting (11)
Quebec Hunting (47)
Saskatchewan Hunting (51)
Yukon Hunting (80)

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Alabama Hunting (5)
Alaska Hunting (475)
Arizona Hunting (41)
California Hunting (68)
Colorado Hunting (83)
Florida Hunting (25)
Georgia Hunting (3)
Hawaii Hunting (16)
Idaho Hunting (39)
Illinois Hunting (15)
Iowa Hunting (7)
Kansas Hunting (28)
Kentucky Hunting (5)
Louisiana Hunting (4)
Maine Hunting (13)
Maryland Hunting (1)
Michigan Hunting (27)
Minnesota Hunting (1)
Mississippi Hunting (3)
Missouri Hunting (8)
Montana Hunting (65)
Nebraska Hunting (7)
Nevada Hunting (33)
New Hampshire Hunting (2)
New Jersey Hunting (1)
New Mexico Hunting (92)
New York Hunting (8)
North Carolina Hunting (3)
North Dakota Hunting (3)
Ohio Hunting (2)
Oklahoma Hunting (1)
Oregon Hunting (18)
Pennsylvania Hunting (2)
South Carolina Hunting (7)
South Dakota Hunting (9)
Tennessee Hunting (1)
Texas Hunting (257)
Utah Hunting (31)
Vermont Hunting (3)
Washington Hunting (6)
Wisconsin Hunting (3)
Wyoming Hunting (143)
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Alligator Hunting (22)
Antelope Hunting (355)
   Blackbuck Antelope
   Klipspringer Antelope
   Pronghorn Antelope
Argali Hunting (77)
Banteng Hunting (32)
Bear Hunting (704)
   Black Bear
   Brown Bear
   Grizzly Bear
   Polar Bear
Bison Hunting (20)
Blesbok Hunting (315)
Bobcat Hunting (29)
Bongo Hunting (61)
Bontebok Hunting (38)
Buffalo Hunting (1004)
   Cape Buffalo
   Nile Buffalo
   Water Buffalo
Bushbuck Hunting (633)
   Chobe Bushbuck
   Harnessed Bushbuck
   Limpopo Bushbuck
   Masai Bushbuck
   Menelik Bushbuck
Bushpig Hunting (137)
Caracal Hunting (87)
Caribou Hunting (314)
   Central Canada Caribou
   Mountain Caribou
   Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Cat Hunting (86)
Chamois Hunting (203)
   Cantabrian Chamois
Cheetah Hunting (18)
Chevrotain Hunting (2)
Civet Hunting (33)
Coyote Hunting (19)
Crocodile Hunting (181)
Deer Hunting (1302)
   Brocket Deer
   Columbia Blacktail Deer
   Coues Whitetail Deer
   Desert Mule Deer
   Fallow Deer
   Hog Deer
   Mule Deer
   Pere David Deer
   Red Deer
   Roe Deer
   Rusa Deer
   Sambar Deer
   Sika Deer
   Sitka Blacktail Deer
   Water Deer
   Whitetail Deer
Dik-Dik Hunting (65)
Donkey Hunting (4)
Duiker Hunting (453)
   Blue Duiker
   Bush Duiker
   Common Duiker
   Red-Flanked Duiker
Eland Hunting (611)
   Cape Eland
   Giant Eland
Elephant Hunting (374)
Elk Hunting (285)
   Asian Elk
   Rocky Mountain Elk
   Roosevelt Elk
   Tule Elk
Gazelle Hunting (142)
   Goitered Gazelle
   Grant Gazelle
   Soemmerring Gazelle
   Thomson Gazelle
   Tibetan Gazelle
Gemsbok/Oryx Hunting (503)
Gerenuk Hunting (57)
Giraffe Hunting (94)
Goat Hunting (147)
   Feral Goat
   Mountain Goat
Grysbok Hunting (97)
Hartebeest Hunting (207)
   Red Hartebeest
Hippopotamus Hunting (212)
Hyena Hunting (162)
Ibex Hunting (263)
   Beceite Spanish Ibex
   Gredos Ibex
Impala Hunting (750)
Jaguar Hunting (2)
Javelina Hunting (39)
Kob Hunting (68)
Korrigum Hunting (6)
Kudu Hunting (1006)
   Greater Kudu
   Lesser Kudu
Lechwe Hunting (135)
   Red Lechwe
Leopard Hunting (541)
Lion Hunting (472)
   Mountain Lion
Lynx Hunting (34)
Markhor Hunting (9)
Moose Hunting (254)
   Mountain Moose
   Shiras Moose
Mouflon Hunting (104)
Muntjac Hunting (16)
Musk Ox Hunting (54)
Nilgai Hunting (16)
Nyala Hunting (303)
   Mountain Nyala
Oribi Hunting (106)
Ox Hunting (60)
Peccary Hunting (29)
Prarie Dog Hunting (5)
Puku Hunting (95)
Reedbuck Hunting (355)
   Mountain Reedbuck
Reindeer Hunting (6)
Rhebok Hunting (72)
Rhinoceros Hunting (84)
Roan Hunting (187)
Sable Hunting (369)
Sheep Hunting (669)
   Aoudad Sheep
   Barbary Sheep
   Bighorn Sheep
   Blue Sheep
   California Big Horn Sheep
   Corsican Sheep
   Dall Sheep
   Desert Bighorn Sheep
   Feral Sheep
   Four-Horned Sheep
   Kerman Sheep
   Mouflon Sheep
   Red Sheep
   Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
   Soay Sheep
   Stone Sheep
Sitatunga Hunting (112)
Springbok Hunting (406)
Steenbok Hunting (220)
Suni Hunting (39)
Tahr Hunting (149)
   Himalayan Tahr
Takin Hunting (1)
Tiang Hunting (11)
Topi Hunting (38)
Tsessebe Hunting (94)
Tur Hunting (7)
Urial Hunting (18)
Varmint Hunting (71)
Warthog Hunting (696)
Waterbuck Hunting (471)
Wildebeest Hunting (665)
   Black Wildebeest
   Blue Wildebeest
Wolf Hunting (231)
Wolverine Hunting (45)
Yak Hunting (3)
Zebra Hunting (725)
   Burchell's Zebra