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Boycott Air Canada!

     The Hunting Report urges all hunters and shooters to boycott Air Canada and influence others to do the same until the carrier rescinds the $65 CAD (about $57 US) firearms "handling fee" it has announced effective June 1. The fee is for one-way travel, meaning it will cost travelers a whopping $114 extra this spring to fly round trip with a gun to Canada aboard this airline!

     "Hunters and shooters must take action and force Air Canada to rescind this fee," says Don Causey, President/Publisher of The Hunting Report. "It is a punitive, unfair and discriminatory fee that is clearly rooted in anti-gun bias. If Air Canada gets away with charging this kind of fee other airlines are sure to do the same."

     Effective immediately, The Hunting Report recommends that all hunters and shooters use a carrier other than Air Canada for travel to Canada and any other part of the world where this carrier does business. Moreover, we think all hunters have a responsibility to urge others to do the same. Another thing hunters can do is send an e-mail protest to Montie Brewer, President & CEO of Air Canada at Please include a cc to:, so we can upload your e-mail to this special forum. If you aren't computer savvy, then write Montie Brewer a letter at: Montie Brewer, President and CEO, Air Canada, Centre 1235, PO Box 14000, Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H4. - Don Causey, President/Publisher.

Posted: June-01 @ 15:04 est.
Name: A. Ayaz .....
Comment: Being steadfast supporters of Air Canada because of its quality of service that my family and I have enjoyed over the years, we are shocked with the totally unwarranted firearms handling fee being proposed by your airline.

Frankly, given the number of firearms checked on your airline, this will make not even a minor dent in the overall service revenues or special handling costs for the airline, but will certainly score big points politically. The move appears blatantly to be political in nature and potentially legally discriminatory towards firearm owners.

Unless this proposed fee is rescinded and prevented from being enacted, my family, friends and I will certainly not remain customers of Air Canada, and I will use all my powers of influence at my company (we employ over 300,000 people worldwide and where I am an executive) to consider alternative carriers where we would have normally used Air Canada.

A. Ayaz

Posted: June-01 @ 15:03 est.
Name: H Morley.....
Comment: For years now, the Canadian tourist industry as touted, the Splendor of the Outdoors Canada has to offer. It is brodcast on the Outdoor Channel week after week, hiking, camping, fishing and yes hunting. I personally have travelled to Quebec, Newfoundland and Victoria Island with no extra fees for anything. This fall I have scheduled hunting trips to the Northwest Territories. If the ridiculous fees Air Canada proposes is inacted I will do everything possible to avoid Air Canada. Air Canada on the other hand should be doing everything it can to encourage hunters to their airlines by better and secure handling of firearms. All too often hunting equipment is delayed, mishandled and lost (maybe on purpose?). All which requires hunters to waste additional ammunition on resetting scoped rifles. One has only to watch how all baggage is handled by all airlines to witness the total disregard of baggage handlers to personal property. All sporting goods are recognized by their containers. Why are they not treated with care and caution? If we are to pay extra fees - should it not be for care and protection instead of a penalty - because it is a firearm? H.M. Morley Big Game Hunter Rockledge, FL

Posted: June-01 @ 15:03 est.
Name: Robert P.....
Comment: I will not be using Air Canada for any of my travels in and around Canada untill you resind this rediculous fee. Robert P. Briggs Cape Cod USA

Posted: June-01 @ 15:01 est.
Name: Joe Weis.....
Comment: Dear Montie Brewer, I had a choice to fly to London via Toronto or New York. Although the Canadian trip was cheaper from Buffalo, NY(my home), I opted for the New York route due to your gun handling fees. Mind you this is a vacation, not a hunting trip, but I will avoid Canadian Air like the plague until you reconsider. Sincerely, Joe Weiss

Posted: June-01 @ 15:00 est.
Name: Larry Lu.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer, I am an avid hunter/fisherman. I have recently been advised of your policy to charge $65 CADfor firearms transportation, I feel that the addtional charge will definitley impact my hunting trips to Canada. The $50 federal fee is bad enough, but if you decide to charge $65 CAD each way for rifles/shotguns, I will definitely choose to hunt elsewhere. Regards, Larry Lundberg

Posted: June-01 @ 14:59 est.
Name: Carl Sto.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer, if Air Canada continues to implement its plan to charge discriminatory fees for the handling of firearms then we as hunters have no alternative but to boycott your airline and seek other airline transportation. Please reconsider this decision to implement this discriminatory practice. Carl Stonecipher Life member of SCI and NRA

Posted: June-01 @ 14:59 est.
Name: Danny Ra.....
Comment: Dear Mr Brewer, It seems sometimes that hunters are being made to be second class citizens by air carriers. We can not fly through London and expect our firearms to arrive in good condition in places like Africa. I think this is mostly due to airline employees that belong to PETA. Now it seems the excutivies or getting into the act with your extra charges for firearms as baggage. Please reconsider this charge or hunters will find another way like we have by avoiding London England. Thanks for your time, Danny Ray owner Ray's Pharmacies

Posted: June-01 @ 14:59 est.
Name: James B .....
Comment: Dear sir,

I travel to Canada at least once a year to hunt. I recenetly learned about your proposed surcharge for shipping guns. I find this offensive and discriminatory, and unless this policy is removed, I will be looking to book all my travel with alternative airlines. I sincerely hope you will reconsider this unfair and unwise policy. Thank you.

James B MacDougall, M.D.

Posted: June-01 @ 14:58 est.
Name: Rick Gui.....
Comment: Dear sir,

I was very disappointed to hear there was no response from you regarding the firearm fee your airline has imposed. I am not only a hunting outfitter in Alberta but also a large tourist operator here in Kananaskis, Alberta. It will be my direction to recommend my clients use alternate airlines, until such time that this matter is rectified.

Rick Guinn

Guinn Outfitters Ltd.

Posted: June-01 @ 14:58 est.
Name: JC Vina .....
Comment: To whom it may concern:

There can only be one way to combat the actions taken by your airline and that is for all the professional Canadian Outfitters to stand together at Airports all over Canada with sings redirecting traffic to other airlines. Believe me that when their bookings start to diminish, their cries will be herd all the way down the halls of Canada’s Parliament. Please reconsider your actions before Air Canada becomes another bankrupt airline. In the end, the many affected out of work employees will realize the negligent by Air Canada executives siding with antigun lobbyist. Let us faced the truth; these actions have the anti gunners falling over with joy. However, what they do not realize is the true scope of Canada’s hunting industries, and that is the people whom have invested their whole lives to this industry and to see it now receive another low blow. Make it safe, make right for all, not just the ones with deep pockets, we all have the same rights as free sportsman whole like to travel to your beautiful country, CANADA.


Posted: June-01 @ 14:56 est.
Name: David De.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer,

I have made several trips to Canada to hunt. My travel arrangements typically involve Air Travel, often with your company.

I was disappointed to learn that your company was increasing its fees when guns and gun cases were involved.

It is difficult to comply with your industry’s rules regarding luggage and baggage, already.

This is another insult to those of us that choose to spend our hard earned dollars in your country.

Please reconsider your new stance regarding hunters traveling to Canada to hunt with their firearms.

We are a very conscientious and committed group of individuals that would much rather work with you than have to work around you.

Sincerely yours,

David DeSantis

Posted: June-01 @ 14:56 est.
Name: Del R. B.....
Comment: Upon learning that Air Canada is now charging a gun handling fee I have vowed to avoid using your air line. I was in Vancouver the 1st of May and booked my connecting flight wiht CMA rather that Air Canada. I will be going to Cranbrook this fall with my son and will also avoid flying Air Canada because of yur actions. All future opportunities in Canada will result in my using other air lines unless you are will to be more reasonable as to you gun fees. You are simply targeting the hunters and fun enthusiasts. Del R. Brady

Posted: June-01 @ 14:56 est.
Name: Bernie M.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

I am sending you this e-mail to protest you surcharge on handling of firearms. I have booked a bird hunt for this fall and along with a flight with Air Canada. I plan to cancel my flight if Air Canada is unwilling to resolve this problem.

Thank you.

Bernie Mizrahi

Posted: June-01 @ 14:55 est.
Name: Garner T.....
Comment: Dear Sirs: I am truly saddened by your airline's attempt to add an uncalled for fee for the transport of legal sport hunting weapons into and out of Canada! I'm already booked for moose in B.C. this Oct. ; if this charge is not removed, I will go out of my way to not use your airline. If this cannot be arranged, I will be through hunting in your provinces. I have been to Sask. four times & once each to Newfoundland and B.C. I've been to Africa one time and consider hunting there a much better bargain even without your extra charges. With continued rising outfitting costs in Can. and your unfair gouging of foreign hunters, Canada will become a has-been in my choices of favored places to hunt! Respectfully, Garner Travelpiece

Posted: June-01 @ 14:55 est.
Name: Dr. Scot.....
Comment: Hello Montie,

Just a note to let you know I will boycott Air Canada, if you continue to harass the hunting community with your gun fees, and yes I have flown Air Canada before. Please forward the address of your competition for my next hunting trip to Canada. I am planning a caribou trip to Newfoundland.

Sincerely, Dr. Scott Hebertson Anchorage, Alaska

Posted: June-01 @ 14:54 est.
Name: Robert H.....
Comment: This email is both a protest directed at the unfair policy to charge a penalty for traveling with firearms as well as an opinion to where this policy going. First. There is no honest answer why Air Canada has adopted policy other than to demonstrate the anti-gun position of sufficient numbers of board members. If the rationale used by Air Canada assumes we as hunters/shooters will in any way accept these penalties because there are no alternative sources of travel, this will be proven to be flawed logic. Second. This policy will fail. This opinion is not just wishful thinking rather comes from how fast the shooting/hunting fraternity has began to rally around another anti-gun demonstration. This fact is demonstrated by the very large organizations currently boycotting Air Canada. Not the least (in membership) are National Rifle Association (NRA) and Safari Club International (SCI). Many others are joining this protest as the word spreads. Canada's National Firearm Association (NFA) has adopted the "switch to other airlines until this policy is changed." Any attempt to reduce this penalty from the current $65.00 Cdn will only be met with the same level of protest. Less anti-firearm penalties imposed toward your customers, remain anti-firearm penalties. Most sincerely, Robert Hancock

Posted: June-01 @ 14:54 est.
Name: Shirley .....
Comment: Mr. Brewer.

My wife and I travel to Canada quite often as hunters. If I travel with a bike or other sporting equiptment your company has no penality charge. I am sure that your tourism economy will suffer some what from your decision . I will do all that I can to see that our customers do not use your airline in any trips that we book untill you drop this charge. Thank you. Elton Rambin. FTW OUTFITTERS booking agent.

Posted: June-01 @ 14:53 est.
Name: Michael .....
Comment: Gentlemen; I am quite offended that your airline would discriminate against sportsmen in such a fashion. If the firearm fees are implemented, myself, my family, my friends, et al will be finding other means to travel to Canada or we may elect to hunt in other countries where we are not discriminated against. Sincerely, Michael Blach

Posted: June-01 @ 14:53 est.
Name: | Lsl73.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer: Having been a frequent traveler into Canada for recreation over the past many years, most frequently for hunting I feel it is wrong to single out hunters for an additional charge to transport firearms. This is clearly arbitrary and capricious and should be canceled immediately

Posted: June-01 @ 14:53 est.
Name: Terry Gr.....
Comment: I encourage you to rescind the $65 baggage charge for guns. It doesn't seem fair. We, as hunters, bring in a lot of money to Canada. I don't think we deserve to be penalized by you. Terry Griffith

Posted: June-01 @ 14:52 est.
Name: H. Edwar.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

I have traveled on you airline many times both as a hunter and non-hunter. What I have in my checked luggage should make no difference. Your surcharge is discriminatory and in the end will hurt your country’s hunting industry.

Please reconsider your decision and do away with the surcharge.

Sincerely, H. Edward Vallely

Posted: June-01 @ 14:52 est.
Name: Jeff Jon.....
Comment: Monti Brewer,

I am an avid hunter and I disapprove of your singling out hunters and firearms for your high “handling fee”. I will seek other options of travel in Canada with this fee in place.

Jeff Jonson

Posted: June-01 @ 14:51 est.
Name: Lou Tram.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer:

I have been hunting many years and have some very good memories about my flights on Air Canada. However, your new “gun-handling fee” has me very concerned about the direction which Air Canada is now headed. My previous experiences with Air Canada were excellent in my previous trips to Canada but upon the news of your fee, I decided to drive to Montreal (from Detroit) in lieu of paying your gun handling fee. As a matter of fact, I am traveling with my son and grandson and now have been able to pay for my gas expenses from Detroit to Montreal as well as my lodging (and possibly meals) in Montreal.

I am not threatening Air Canada. However, I am a business man similar to you. Good business is meeting and exceeding client expectations. I don’t see that happening with your newly imposed fees.

Please reconsider your position and maintain your competitive edge by maintaining you’re your price competitiveness.


Lou Trama

NRA and SCI Life Member

Posted: June-01 @ 14:51 est.
Name: Robert H.....
Comment: Handling of properly documented and stored firearms is no more problematic than handling golf clubs , skis , fishing rods , bikes or any other large item which I have seen transported over the years. Imposing a fee for handling firearms is discrimination on a certain type of baggage and that's all legal and properly stored firearms are, baggage. Should you continue with this course of action I shall fly northwest to Canada from now on regardless of cost. Robert Howell

Posted: June-01 @ 14:51 est.
Name: Jerome P.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer: I am aware of Air Canada's outrageous gun handling fee recently imposed. This tells me that Air Canada does not want hunters on their airplanes. No worry, I am getting ready to change my December whitetail travel arrangements into Saskatoon over to Northwest. I will feel more comfortable with them I think. This will be a permanent decision on my part for all of my travel, both business and pleasure.

Jerome P. McCauley, CPA, President

Posted: June-01 @ 14:50 est.
Name: Harwell .....
Comment: I will now rethink my proposed Moose hunt to New Foundland this fall rather than spend $ in a country that apparently does not want me. I am sorry to take this position as it only hurts me and my Canadian outfitter friends and not the liberal politicians who are behind this. Hopefully my friends and their friends can vote the pols forcing these agendas out of office. Then maybe your company will appreciate hunters business. Harwell

Posted: June-01 @ 14:50 est.
Name: Ken Wils.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer: The system has worked well with no handling charge for rifles, golf bags, fishing rods, skiing equipment, camera equipment, etc. Why lose hunters who travel as your customers (including their travel for non-hunting trips and the travel of their family membes). Your fairness will be appreciated. Ken Wilson

Posted: June-01 @ 14:49 est.
Name: CHEERS J.....
Comment: Dear Monte Brewer,

I will not fly your Airline and pay your ridicules gun handling fee.


Posted: June-01 @ 14:49 est.
Name: Fred For.....
Comment: Don't know what my choices are but will excaust all possible choices before I pay to travel with my guns by air canada. Think hard before you decide to do this. You will never be able to replace these customers. Regards, Fred Fortier

Posted: June-01 @ 14:49 est.
Name: Gary D. .....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, I Will no longer use air Canada Intel you remove those ridicules and unfair gun fees. I PROMISE! Gary D. Smith, Smith Pipe & Supply Inc. President,

Posted: June-01 @ 14:48 est.
Name: W. Carly.....
Comment: I hunted in Canada last year and again this year, having just returned from Grise Fiord. I want to assure you that should Air Canada persist in applying this fee to visitors to Canada who are hunting, I will do all in my power to avoid flying Air Canada and will try my best to influence my friends to do likewise. I enjoy Canada, enjoy visiting there, and her people, but Air Canada is likely to change my decision to visit and do business in Canada. W. Carlyle Blakeney, Jr.

Posted: June-01 @ 14:48 est.
Name: Tom Van .....
Comment: Mr. Brewer,

Please reconsider the Air Canada policy of an extra fee for guns as baggage. I hunt Canada often and will not fly Air Canada if the fee is not ended.

Tom Van Diepen

Posted: June-01 @ 14:47 est.
Name: Ken | kn.....
Comment: Air Canada announces fun handling fees. Didn't Air Canada hear about the Canadian Gun Registry going down the tubes? How typical that they are the last to find out.

Hey, cut those fees or we will fly Westjet.


Posted: June-01 @ 14:34 est.
Name: Dr. Gord.....
Comment: Dear Mr Brewer: As a hunter to travels a lot , I just want you to know how upset I am with Air Canada's new fee for handling fire arms. I will do everything in my power to boycott your airline and will advise all of my hunting friends to do the same !!

This is an absolutley ridiculous add on fee.

Sincerely: Dr. Gordon K Green

Posted: June-01 @ 14:34 est.
Name: Norman D.....
Comment: I am hunting in the in the Yukon this fall with Blackstone Outfitters. This note is to inform you that I will not be flying with your company because of your firearms handling fee. This fee is discriminatory towards hunters. Do you have a oversized golf clubs fee? Norman Don

Posted: June-01 @ 14:33 est.
Name: Ron Bart.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

My wife, Jackie and I have 3 separate hunts scheduled in Canada this fall beginning with moose & caribou in Newfoundland in September, moose & caribou in Yukon Territory in October, and then a moose hunt in northern Alberta in November. As a newly elected board member of Ducks Unlimited, I'm going to make sure that all of the board members are aware that they will have to pay an extra $130 to attend the fall board meeting in Regina with their shotguns if they fly with you and hopefully they too will seek other carriers. Your decision to charge us hunters will add an unnecessary expense to each of these trips and as a result, we will not be flying with your company except where there is no other carrier going to our destinations. If you are trying to get hunters and other shooting sports enthusiasts to stop flying with you, this should do it. Hopefully your bottom line will reflect our displeasure and maybe your investors will also "rattle your cage". You're punishing law abiding citizens for no reason.

Ron Bartels, Louisiana

Posted: June-01 @ 14:32 est.
Name: Mike Nic.....
Comment: Dear Sir;

As a result of your currently instituted policy to charge a tariif for transport of firearms accompanying travelling sportsmen, I will no longer choose your airline when visiting Canada, nor for any other travel.

A reversal of this clearly biased policy will lead to reconsideration of my position on flying with Air Canada. I travel internationally every year with firearms, 2005 saw me in Mozambique and Alberta province of Canada, and have never paid any kind of additional fee for transport of my firearms. I never will!

Mike Nice NRA Life Member SCI Life Member

Posted: June-01 @ 14:32 est.
Name: John Yaj.....
Comment: Montie , I have had it with you liberal Canadians . I am canceling my planned summer vacation to Calgary & Edmondton and my fall hunting trip to the Yukon . These "HANDLING FEES" are the last straw !!!!!!...........................................John Yajko

Posted: June-01 @ 14:31 est.
Name: Russell .....

Posted: June-01 @ 14:30 est.
Name: Mission .....
Comment: Montie Brewer President & CEO Air Canada PO Box 14000 Postal Station Airport Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H4

Dear Mr. Brewer:

My name is Ron del Toro and my Aeroplan number is 599 708 963.

I would like to tell you I have been a loyal Air Canada customer for all of my hunting trips to Canada. I went to Saskatchewan for geese in 1999, Alberta for deer in 2001, Saskatchewan for deer in 2002 & 2003. Most recently I flew Air Canada to Alberta this past fall, in 2005, for a Goose and duck hunt. On this last hunt, I alone flew Air Canada even as my hunting companions flew America West, because I have been so happy with your service. Sure enough, they had bad flights, mine was great and I convinced them Air Canada was the only way to go for 2006.

But if you impose a $65 surcharge for transporting firearms this year, I can assure you I will not fly Air Canada again. I am respectfully asking that you reconsider this position. By imposing additional fees on us hunters, you will eventually do a dis-service to our outfitter friends in Canada who rely on our business, and whose business is hurt when our travel expenses increase. Please think of them also. I am 100% in support of the efforts of the NRA and SCI, of which I am a member of both organizations.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope I can a fly on Air Canada again soon.


Ron del Toro

26271 Amapola Lane

Mission Viejo

CA USA 92691

Posted: June-01 @ 14:29 est.
Name: William .....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer: Please rest assured that unless Air Canada rescinds its firearm handling fee, I will not fly your airline for business or pleasure - ever again. Sincerely, William Muhs Bozeman, MT

Posted: June-01 @ 14:28 est.
Name: Brian Mc.....
Comment: As a guide/outfitter in BC virtually all of my clients in the past have used your airline to fly into Terrace for their hunt. I will now insist that they don't use your service over this very point. Why are we being charged extra for guns? You usually charge for them as extra baggage anyway as most hunters bring 2 additional bags plus their gun case. Between the gun laws and now this, all you are doing is helping alaska tourism as these extra fees push hunters to other destinations as Canada becomes ever-increasingly anti-hunter/shooter. I am disgusted at your disregard for not only your long term clients, but also the disregard for the many small businesses who have recommended and relied on you to help bring business into Canada! Brian McConnell. FLY WESTJET OR HAWKAIR!

Posted: June-01 @ 14:28 est.
Name: James M......
Comment: I want to express my disapproval of your new handling fee for passengers flying Air Canada that is slated to be effective June 1 2006 and cost round trip passengers $65.00 each way. I have flown via Air Canada in the past, but will not do so in the future when I hunt in Canada. There is no justification for charging a special handling fee for firearms that are the same size as a lot of other baggage. As an American I spend thousands of dollars on my Canadian trips, and I don't like being ripped-off . James M. Box

Posted: June-01 @ 14:27 est.
Name: Jack Lam.....
Comment: As a frequent traveler to Canada I am sending this as protest to your new firearm handling fee. I have been to Canada at least 10 times in the past 5 years and have 3 trips this year alone. All have been for hunting purposes. The firearm fees you have put in place will definitely make my travel decisions to not include travel on Air Canada. As a business you have the right to make any and all business decisions as you see fit. As a traveler I can make my own travel decisions and traveling on Air Canada is not one I will make. Jack Lamb

Posted: June-01 @ 14:26 est.
Name: Mark Pic.....
Comment: Dear sir, as a frequent traveler to Canada for hunting and recreation , I am very disappointed to learn of your plans to discriminate against firearms owners who wish to travel with their firearm for legal purposes. I already have to pay your government a high fee just to bring my firearm to your country and now your airline is making it even more expensive.Eventually, hunters will find alternative locations to go hunt and spend the large amounts of money we leave in Canada. Your fee does not include any added service not does it explain why such a fee is necessary. As far as I can tell, firearms get no better treatment than luggage and get lost on an equal basis.Most of your agents vary and the proper way to travel with a firearm in Canada. Some require that the bolt be removed and placed in separate luggage, some do not. Just depends on who you draw as you check in. Perhaps if we hunters thought you were providing some extra service for the fee , we would not be so upset. Maybe you could provide some training to your agents so they were consistent in their approach to checking firearms. Perhaps you could take little better care of our firearms and ensure that they arrive where they are suppose to when they are suppose to. I have always flown Air Canada on my trips to Canada but I assure you I will now seek to fly other airlines wherever possible. I have already purchased tickets from your airline for a trip this August which I bought before you announced your firearm handling fee. First thing on my list today will be to see if I can find another airline to get me to my destination. I am sure you will charge an outrageous cancellation fee but I figure it won't be any worse than the firearm handling fee and if it is, I will gladly pay it

Posted: June-01 @ 14:26 est.
Name: don Mori.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer: I wish to protest your handling fee for firearms. This increases our flight costs by $114.00 making you non – competitive. It also shows disdain for hunter’s who provide you country with economical support. Just because those air heads in Montreal cannot see the forest for the trees does not mean you have to act like a lemming and follow suit. I am very disappointed with your policy and hope you revise it before too much damage is done.

Posted: June-01 @ 14:24 est.
Name: David D .....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer: This correspondence will be short and direct re. the handling fee for firearms being charged by Air Canada. I will not personally fly your airline in the future because of this decision as it represents unwarranted discrimination against hunters for reasons that escape explanation. I would urge you to reconsider this policy as the Canadian Gun registration system seems headed for a major correction. Sincerely Yours: David D Benson

Posted: June-01 @ 14:23 est.
Name: jim todd.....
Comment: I had planned on flying into Canada this next September on a scheduled hunt, however, your firearm fees caused me to reconsider and now I am driving to my destination. Unless your company rescinds this cost, I will continue to find other means of transportation into Canada than by your company. Frankly this is a very poor management decision. jim toddy

Posted: June-01 @ 14:22 est.
Name: Dale H R.....
Comment: Air Canada,

I will avoid your airline unless the anti firearm policy is discontinued.

I fly to hunt in Canada annually.

Sincerely, Dale H Robinson

Posted: June-01 @ 14:21 est.
Name: A Molina.....
Comment: Dear Sir:

I write to express my protest Air Canada's institution of a $65 charge for transporting firearms.

If Air Canada insists on exacting this surcharge, I will take alternative transportation.

I hope you will reconsider this decision.

Very truly yours,

A Molina

Posted: June-01 @ 14:21 est.
Name: David E......
Comment: Mr. Brewer;

I am sure you are being swamped with E-mails regarding Air Canada's new policy of charging visiting outdoors men a fee for bringing sporting weapons on an Air Canada flight. As a frequent visitor to Canada for both fishing and hunting, I am disturbed by this new policy. If this policy remains, I will be forced to look at routes with your competitors for all my travels to Canada. I would suspect there are many business travelers from the U.S. to Canada, who also sportsmen. As a matter of protest, some of these folks will probably seek other airlines to reach their destination in Canada.


David E. Combs

Posted: June-01 @ 14:20 est.
Name: Fred For.....
Comment: Please consider your opinion on fares for firearms. You are making a big mistake. Respectfully, Fred Fortier

Posted: June-01 @ 14:20 est.
Name: Nick Fre.....
Comment: Dear Montie, I am writing this letter to protest your charges for gun handling on your airline. Our company sends hundreds of sportsman through out Canada and the world on trips with firearms. We have in the past been a strong promoter of Air Canada up to now. I would think our company's clients alone spend in the vicinity of over 200 thousand dollars a year with your airline. We are regretfully beginning now to encourage our clients to use other airlines to get them to there destinations due to your new Charges for firearms handling. Our company finds this charge to be ridiculous. Please feel free to visit my website so that you can see the kind of travel that we do. I look forward to your response to this email and to hear your approach that you are taking with this matter. Yours Truly, Nick Frederick Ameri-Cana Expeditions Inc

Posted: June-01 @ 14:19 est.
Name: Shaun Ne.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

Due to the fee your company has chosen to place on firearms, I will not be traveling on Air Canada. Also, I am the Sales Manager for North America for the largest Manufacturer in my industry, your airline is not to be flown by any of my 400+ traveling sales and service personnel. Best of luck to you and your political statements.

Shaun Nelson

Posted: June-01 @ 14:18 est.
Name: | THarw.....
Comment: I believe that Air Canada continues to prove that it is definitely anti-hunting, with this newest surcharge on firearms handling. As a very frequent flyer, I can honestly say that without comparison, Air Canada is the most hunter unfriendly airlines I have ever encountered. By the way, I fly in excess of +150K per year.

Posted: June-01 @ 14:18 est.
Name: Malcolm .....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer;

This fee is unwarranted and unfair. Air Canada should apply a uniform baggage handling fee within the cost integral to the airfare and not single out any demographic. Air Canada must drop the fee for transporitng firearms immediately. If not, I fully support a boycott of Air Canada by myself and my extended family - all of whom are Canadian hunters and / or competitive shooters.

While growing up in BC, I remember that at one point Canadians, per capita, owned more firearms than Americans. Hunting is as much a Canadian tradition as it is a North American one, and charging a handling fee for baggage containing firearms is agregious and anti-Canadian.

Passengers from within Canada and abroad with checked baggage containing firearms will be in compliance with the Firearms Act - so how is Air Canada impacted to the point that a fee is warranted? I hope that you are not implying that checked baggage without firearms be treated carelessly, and that baggage will only be handled appropriately if an exhorbidant fee is paid? All passenger baggage should be handled appropriately with no additional fees leveed - irrespective of to whom it belongs or regards its contents.

Fortunately for me, I avoid flying Air Canada to Vancouver by flying on another carrier to Seattle and driving up to BC. I do not need Air Canada... and when I fly my family members from Vancouver to Ottawa or elsewhere, like Denver, they fly on Northwest through Minneapolis or on Delta through Salt Lake City. My family members fly a lot each year, but examples such as this are exactly why we switched from the Star Alliance to the Sky Team, of which I am a Platinum Medallion member, and have been for years.

It takes years to build up a loyal customer base and only one stupid policy such as this to ruin it for twice as many. Have you seriously considered the long-term impact on Air Canada of this fee for handling baggage with firearms? It doesn't seem so.


Malcolm Quentin

Posted: June-01 @ 14:18 est.
Name: Michael .....
Comment: Sir: Unless you change your recently announced discriminatory policy of charging fees to visiting sportsmen for "special" handling of their firearms, please be advised that I will no longer fly to Canada on your airline. Yours truly, Michael M. Robinson

Posted: June-01 @ 14:17 est.
Name: Clint Wi.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer:

I am aware of Air Canada’s decision to charge extra baggage fees for handling firearms. Firearms are no more cumbersome and bulky than golf or ski bags. My father and I have planned a bear and deer hunt in your country in September. Obviously now, we have not decided to fly with your airline.

In the future, should you decide to rescind this punitive firearms surcharge, we may reconsider flying with your airline.


Clint Wilder

Posted: June-01 @ 14:17 est.
Name: Davis St.....
Comment: Dear Don: I would not usually fly Air Canada but this latest move makes me even more loath to use them as a carrier. Our agency books a lot of air and I have just told the staff to book away from Air Canada. I wonder how many people are injured due to ski equipment versus the number that are hurt hunting. It is about time that the hunting members of our nation start to put their feet down. Davis Stevenson President

Posted: June-01 @ 14:16 est.
Name: Neil End.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, Air Canada has been my airline of choice when traveling to and from Canada to hunt. Your employees are the best in the industry and your service is second to none! Please don't change a a thing!!! As much as I enjoy doing business with you company, the gun handling fee you are considering will cause me to consider traveling with your competition. Please reconsider. If you want to zap someone with a fine/fee, focus on the travelers who bring 300 lbs of luggage and sneak on massive carry-on bags that fill up an entire overhead bin. Or maybe the fat dude who ain't bathed in a month :) Thank you for all you do.

Neil Endler

Posted: June-01 @ 14:16 est.
Name: Bill Cam.....
Comment: Dear Sir,

I am writing to voice my displeasure in your decision to implement a "handling charge" for firearms. I cannot see where the cost to process a firearm is any greater then other types of passenger cargo including other sporting equipment. And even so, I would tend to believe that American hunters visiting your country account for a sizable portion of your seasonal business.

I purchased my Air Canada tickets literally two days before this announcement was made public by SCI and others. Although it is "only" ~$50USD, it is each way, so the total cost of deciding to fly your airlines has gone up by ~$100.00. My tickets cost $553.00 excluding tax and booking fee…which means that this represents a ~20% increase. Considerable, don't you think, especially when implemented after-the-fact.

I respectfully ask that you please consider abandoning this surcharge. At the very least, delay it until next year so that potential passengers have adequate warning and can select an alternate airlines.


Bill Campbell

Posted: May-16 @ 15:02 est.
Name: R. Doug.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer I would like to express my horror at the added expense you and your company have added to my ability to enjoy the sport that I love. I feel it's very unfortunate that once again hunters are singled out and for unfortunate reasons are penalized. We already go through a nightmare just to get the gun through your rude check in process then have to take it to another area to be screened. Will you charge the same fee to golfers who check there clubs , there heavier , bulkier , and harder to load than gun cases. I hope you will reconsider the charge and make changes to allow hunters to continue to use your service. R. Douglas Yajko M.D.

Posted: May-16 @ 15:00 est.
Name: Thomas M.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer's passing off taking the time to answer himself further supports my thoughts of your management and policy.

Unfortunately your explanation is for someone who has never flown with a firearm or understands that most of your excuses are in the normal course of baggage handling and the rest are mostly preformed by the passenger.


Verification is done when I open my case to show the agent and at the same time I fill out the release forms and include them in my baggage. I have never had ammunition stickers placed on baggage and I flew 900,000 miles last year on hunting trips. All bags are currently separately x-rayed I have watched on every occasion my firearms being included with the rest of my baggage 90% of the time my firearms comes off the conveyer like there rest of the baggage unless the conveyer is short and in that case are handled just like a longer item which are not being charged for like skies and fishing rods. This lame excuse is more of an insult than an explanation. I am sure that your time spent attempt at explaining you fare structure in the context of baggage handling would be better served worrying about West Jet taking your market share. Sincerely, Thomas M. Lavelle

Posted: May-16 @ 15:00 est.
Name: Steve Jo.....
Comment: Dear Ms. Henry, Thank you for the quick response. The points made regarding special handling of firearms are not well supported by fact. Indeed, it takes 2 seconds to verify safe packaging. The forms are filled out by the passenger and not Air Canada personnel. In most cases all that is required is a signature. One can only imagine the labor required to place a sticker on a gun case. Almost all luggage is x-rayed and all luggage is loaded and offloaded. I really see no mention of special care to the firearms whatsoever. Once again, I do not object to an extra fee. I do object to an excessive fee. The fee you are charging is not justified by your stated special services. The most important thing is that your competition is not charging those fees. Your airfares are not any lower. Head to head your airfares are higher than other carriers. It's time to take a serious look at where you might be a year from now. USAIR can get me most places in Canada without the fee and then I can pick up other regional carriers who also don't charge a special fee. Your current fares do not beat theirs. USAIR just showed a profit and a tremendous increase in their stock price today. While I do appreciate your response I must reiterate that your special fees for handling firearms is a big mistake. Still disappointed, Steve Johnston

Posted: May-16 @ 14:59 est.
Name: Doug Koc.....
Comment: Dear Ms. Henry; Thanks for your prompt reply. While I can appreciate your effort to expidite the handling of firearms, most of the steps you describe are already standard procedure with most airlines. To pay 130.00 to transport a firearm which is easier to handle than a set of golf clubs is out of line. I don't think a smaller fee of say 25.00 would be met with as much resistance. After all we have to pay a licensing fee to even bring our firearm into Canada and coupled with your airline's handling fee, Canada becomes less attractive as a hunting destination. This also plays into the anti-hunting movements hands. While they have great difficulty in trying to outlaw hunting, they never the less can try and make it more expensive which limits opportunities to the average hunter who may save up years to go on a hunt. I hope that Air Canada reconsiders their stance on this fee. Sincerely, Doug Kochel

Posted: May-16 @ 14:59 est.
Name: Jocelyne.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Kochel: Thank you for these additional comments.

Incidently the fee is USD$50. each way, for a total roundtrip fee of USD$100. We can appreciate that this added cost to an already expensive hunting trip may limit the accessibility of those trips for the less affluent hunters. Rest assured that I will convey your comments, and suggestion of a lesser fee, to the persons responsible for implementing this policy.


Jocelyne Henry

Posted: May-16 @ 14:58 est.
Name: Dirk Law.....
Comment: Greetings Montie, Your new handling fee for firearms shouts to me that your airline is bias against hunters and the guns that they own. I could understand a minimal fee across the board for sports equipment, etc. But it seems to be obvious that this is not the case with your airlines. My wife is Canadian, and she has lots of relatives that we visit in Canada. Until I hear of a change in this bias stance against sportsman my family and I will never fly on your airline. And I will GET THE WORD OUT to as many sportsman as I personally know, and that is in the hundreds. I really don't care if another airline costs me hundreds more, I will fly with them. Humbly yours, Dirk Lawyer D.C.

Posted: May-16 @ 14:58 est.
Name: John Ban.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer

It is with great disappointment that I send you this email. I am a hunter who visits Canada on average three times every two years. Your new policy of charging hunters $57 US each way to bring a gun case on the plane is outrageous. For me, it is not the money, as I make in excess of $250,000 US annually. It is however, the discrimination I feel as a sportsman who contributes a great deal to local, provincial, and Canadian national economies. Between flights, outfitter fees, licenses, tags, tips, hotels, meals, taxidermy, and gifts for my family I spend 10 to $15,000 US depending on the hunt. My father also comes so double that figure. I do not mind paying fees that are clearly needed, but what can possible cost $114 dollars round trip to handle a gun case? How are they different from skis, snowboards, or golf clubs? I realize that I represent a miniscule portion of you clients, but you have lost a customer. If other Canadian carriers pick up this policy I will simply hunt elsewhere.

Sincerely, John Banbury

Posted: May-16 @ 14:57 est.
Name: Thomas M.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, My name is Tom Lavelle I am the Canadian Franchisee for Hooters Restaurants.

Myself and my support staff have been using Canadian Airlines since 1996, when I established the first Hooters in the West Edmonton Mall. Checking back on our records I see that we use your airlines on a weekly basis for travel to and from our Canadian Locations.

I am a hunter and have also been using your airlines for my recreational travel. I am outraged by your outrageous handling fee associated with the transport of sporting firearms.

I have issued a company directive disallowing the use of your airlines by any member of my company as long as this fee arrangement is in place.

I hope you will reconsider this decision before your June 1 effective date.

Yours Truly Thomas M Lavelle

Posted: May-16 @ 14:57 est.
Name: Jack Hil.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

Am planning a hunting & fishing vacation in Canada 2006. Have cancelled my reservations on Air Canada. Your new fees are unwarranted and very deliberate discrimination against Sport Hunting. All future trips business or pleasure will certainly not include Air Canada.

I will do all I can to spread the word among my fellow Sportsman & Business men, to at all cost boycott AIR CANADA:

This will probably not keep you up all night, however if you have a conscience I certainly wish you would reconsider this thoughtless decision.

Jack Hildner

Posted: May-16 @ 14:57 est.
Name: John J M.....
Comment: I will boycott your airline even if it cost me more ,lets be fair to all, John J Meldrum

Posted: May-16 @ 14:56 est.
Name: Steve Ca.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer: It is distressing to note in the May 2006 issue of The Hunt Report that Air Canada has elected to impose a special extra fee for those of us who hunt in Canada. The proposed fee is unacceptable and clearly anti-hunter and discriminatory to those of us who hunt. Air Canada may want to reconsider this extra fee as I, for one, will not pay it. There are other airlines that can and do provide good service to Canada. And we can always hunt countries other than Canada. New Zealand comes readily to mind. Also, we have some pretty good hunting in the lower 48 to say nothing about the quality hunting available to us in Alaska. Sincerely, Steve Camp

Posted: May-16 @ 14:56 est.
Name: A.K. Col.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

As a frequent traveler for both work and pleasure, I am disappointed to learn about Air Canada’s decision to implement a one-way special handling fee of $65 CAD for firearm transport as baggage. All decisions have consequences and this one will directly impact my air travel purchase decisions, as well as - I assume, the decisions of thousands of like-minded sportsmen. I will not fly with Air Canada until this policy is reviewed and the fees are set with uniformity for all goods and at a level in proportion to the additional handling requirements that are actually involved.

It is most unfortunate that this erroneous fee will have a very direct and negative impact on the broader hunting and outfitting industry in Canada, which generates millions in annual revenues for many small businesspeople across the country. I am sure you will be hearing from them as their businesses suffer unfairly as a result of this careless policy.

A.K. Collingwood

Posted: May-16 @ 14:56 est.
Name: James A .....
Comment: Dear Sir,

From the information I received from the Hunting Report it is to my understanding that your airline is going to start charging approximately $57.00 each way for firearm travel above and beyond normal fairs. If this is true then I will do everything I can to use other airlines while traveling to hunt and I will also inform all of my friends in the hunting community.

James A Bradham

Posted: May-16 @ 14:55 est.
Name: Robert W.....
Comment: Dear sir: I am writing to express my disappointment with your new firearm fees, imposed on law abiding U.S. citizens, using your airline, to travel into Canada. I feel that this fee is extremely discriminatory towards hunters. Why do golf clubs, which are larger and heavier than a rifle case, not require an extra fee? Are you signalling out hunters? What extra service does this fee provide for hunters? Either one of two scenarios will occur for me, when considering a Canadian hunt. 1. I will avoid Canada completely. Alaska has most of the same game as is found in Canada. A U.S. citizen is not subjected to the discrimination you impose, in Alaska. Fortunately, I have already harvested most of the game, either unique to Canada, or best hunted there. Of course, avoiding Canada will only result in the loss of income for you and your fellow Canadian citizens. That is a result of your choice to impose this large discriminatory fee. 2. If I want to come to Canada to hunt, I will surely fly on another airline, one which does not discriminate against sport hunters. Be assured that I will share my opinions regarding this issue, with all hunters that I know, especially those considering a Canadian hunt. Robert W. Keim, Jr

Posted: May-16 @ 14:55 est.
Name: Mahlon T.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer: I am appalled to learn of the excessive charge Air Canada is planning to levy on hunters coming to Canada this fall. I feel a reasonable charge is fair, i.e. $25NS each way for instance. I am planning to hunt in the Ft. St. John area this fall, but I can assure you I will NOT travel on Air Canada. I will also convince my three companions not to do so either. Respectfully - it is a bad business plan! Mahlon T. White

Posted: May-16 @ 14:55 est.
Name: Scott Te.....
Comment: Mr. Montie Brewer, President and CEO, I have just learned about $114 Firearms handling fee that your company has announced. Our family has traveled with firearms on numerous occasions in the past and we can understand a reasonable handling fee ( $20-$25 )----but this is a slap in the face to all hunters and shooters ! Our Company employs approximately 7300 co-workers and you can be sure that they will be asked to not use your airline in the future until this unfair and discriminatory fee is rescinded or brought to a reasonable amount----you still have time to do it right! As a member of both the NRA and the Safari Club International you can also be sure they will have a substantial effect on your business as well. Scott Teigen

Posted: May-16 @ 14:54 est.
Name: James Sc.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

A recent article in The Hunting Reports indicate Air Canada is now making charges of $114.00 to bring hunting guns in and out of Canada. Our group normally has two fishing trips and one hunting trip that we always fly Air Canada to Winnipeg.

Unless you revise this excessive charge we’ll book all of our flights out of Chicago to Winnipeg on Northwest Airlines.

Thank you for your consideration & revision – we would prefer Air Canada.


James Scheer

Posted: May-16 @ 14:53 est.
Name: Kurt Pet.....
Comment: Although I don't have any present hunting or fishing trips scheduled for Canada you can rest assured I will not be flying Air Canada until you rescind your onerous charge for "handling guns". Sincerely, Kurt Pettitiece

Posted: May-12 @ 11:05 est.
Name: Steve Ca.....
Comment: Dear Ms. Murray:

Thanks for your reply and comments. Frankly, in review of these "special services" I see nothing new or unusual. Indeed, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, South Africa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, British Air and others seen able to handle firearms in almost the same way they do traditional checked baggage.

The passenger arrives at the gate, opens the gun case to demonstrate that the firearm is not only not loaded but that the firing mechanism "the bolt" has been removed and a notice is placed within the gun case. The case is then locked and checked with other baggage.

Nope, I'll take my business elsewhere. The Canadian hunting outfitters that depend on U.S. hunters, or others who would fly Air Canada, will surely pay a great price from this action when they no longer have paying clients.

Sincerely, Steve Camp

Posted: May-12 @ 11:04 est.
Name: JOHN J. .....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer:

Air Canada’s proposed surcharge to handle firearms as part of a passenger’s baggage is an unacceptable and potentially dangerous precedent setting policy. This exorbitant handling fee is inconsistent with my experience traveling on Air Canada with firearms in the past. It has been my experience that Air Canada personnel have been friendly and helpful in assisting hunters while traveling on your airline. I can only conclude that this new charge is a thinly veiled attempt to make a political statement related to firearms.

It shall be my intention to boycott Air Canada until such time as the policy is reconsidered. I shall advise friends and colleagues to do the same.

A reasonable handling charge for firearms that would be effective industry wide is, and would be, an acceptable alternative to what appears to be a blatant attempt at extorting money from individuals whose recreational pursuits include firearms. I trust that Air Canada’s Board of Directors will have an opportunity to discuss what I understand is a considerable, and growing, protest to your proposed surcharge on firearms in the near future.

Very truly yours,



Posted: May-09 @ 10:30 est.
Name: Roger We.....
Comment: Dear Sir

I think it hard to justify levying a special handling fee. I certainly cannot be for security risks. Mandatory gun registration has addressed this issue. Guns being transported by air are required to be in locked hard cases and do not represent any more of a problem that transporting a set of golf clubs, so it is not added bulk or protection of a fragile product which necessitates additional cost for handling.

So what is it that has precipitated such a policy? And why so much money? I think those of us who use your airline regularly deserve justification.


Roger Wendel

Posted: May-09 @ 10:29 est.
Name: Kent Woo.....
Comment: Mr Brewer, This fall I will be taking my son to BC for a moose hunt. This will be my third hunting trip to Canada. The first trip (if memory serves me correct, there was no governmental license fee to import a firearm). The second trip the license fee was in effect. Now your company wants to impose and hefty one way fee for firearms!! When will it stop Rest assured I'll only use Air Canada if there is no other resonable alternative. Sincerely, Kent Wood

Posted: May-09 @ 10:29 est.
Name: Managing.....
Comment: Robert A. Milton Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer ACE Aviation Holdings Inc 5100 de Maissonneuve Blvd West Montreal, Quebec H4A 3T2

Dear Mr. Milton

The Alberta Professional Outfitters Society is the Delegated Administrative Authority for professional Outfitting in Alberta. We have 440 outfitting firms in Alberta and issue over 10,000 game allocations for Non Resident Alien (NRA) hunting in the province. Most of the clients engaged by our members are from the United States. Outfitted hunting is a significant economic activity contributing to the diversification of the Canadian economy.

We understand that effective June 1, 2006, hunters will now be charged a one-way handling fee of $65 to fly Air Canada with their firearms.

We fail to see how a cased firearm is treated differently from any other piece of checked baggage. We are in a very competitive international hunting market and a fee on the transport of firearms is a competitive barrier that will be viewed as a cash grab by NRA hunters

We ask that you do not implement this unfair fee and will advise our members to recommend carriers to their clients that do not charge the fee.


Colin W. Reichle Managing Director

Posted: May-09 @ 10:28 est.
Name: Arnold G.....
Comment: To Montie Brewer: I am a California physician who has hunted in Canada 1-2 times per year for the past ten years. Air Canada has lost my bags & my guns on several occasions (more than any other airline). I took that in good humor& continue to support the airline. This new airline "tax",however, is discriminatory, punitive and completely out of proportion to any realistic additional baggage fee. As a protest, I will not only stop using Air Canada - I will stop hunting in Canada - the Canadian Economy will lose many thousands of dollars in lost guide fees, hotels, restaurants, shops, taxidermy fees, etc. I am sure many other American hunters feel as I do. Think of the consequences of your actions - there are other places to hunt: USA, Mexico, Central & South America without mentioning Africa, Europe, Australia/New Zealand. I am scheduled to hunt in Eastern Canada in October - arrangements & air travel have already been made BUT that may be my last Canadian hunt. Arnold Goldschlager, M.D.

Posted: May-09 @ 10:28 est.
Name: Frank Pu.....
Comment: I feel the fee is unreasonable since firearms are secured in a sturdy case as opposed to the other sporting goods mentioned. Please add my name to those protesting this fee. Frank Puckett

Posted: May-09 @ 10:28 est.
Name: Bill Muz.....
Comment: This new gun handling fee is further evidence of coroporate anti-gun/anti-hunting pressure on legal hunters. I have hunted in many regions of Canada over the past 12 years. Each of the past 3 years I taken along 5 to 8 hunting companions. I also travel annually to Edmonton and Calgary for business. I have hunts booked for the next 3 years in B.C, Alberta and Quebec. 12 bear hunters in 2007 to Alberta. 5 bear hunters in 2008 to B.C. 12 caribou hunters 2009 to Quebec You can be sure I will boycott Air Canada, and tell booking agents and hunting organizations about this discriminatory policy. I hope Canadians realize that there are many other hunter friendly countries that promote hunter travel rather than snub their nose at us. This is one more competitve hurdle that the Canadian outfitters have against them. Bill Muzyl

Posted: May-09 @ 10:27 est.
Name: Giuseppe.....
Comment: Dear Sam: Thank you very much for this info. I will also make sure I will spread it out as far as I can amongst my hunters, friends, etc., and all those I find out may be planning on flying with Air Canada. I will encourage them all to book with a different airline. Thanks and warmest regards, Giuseppe Carrizosa

Posted: May-09 @ 10:27 est.
Name: Jim Augu.....
Comment: Due to the high cost of airline tickets, over 2500 US to fly from Portland. Oregon to eastern canada to go on a walrus hunt this July and these gun handling fees, I have cancelled my hunt with Canada North. Jim August

Posted: May-09 @ 10:27 est.
Name: Scott Ho.....
Comment: Dear Sir; Imposition of this fee unquestionably indicates that your airline no longer wishes to service the traveling hunter. This fee is exorbitant and further discriminates and intimidates hunting men and women. I find no similar fee implemented for golf clubs which are similar in size and weight to that of a rifle case. Such discrimination is inexcusable as it is obviously based on a political bias. Because of this, I will not fly Air Canada on hunting trips nor will I fly Air Canada on business or pleasure trips with my family or friends. Rest assured that I will utilize all my influence within the hunting community to share your disdain for the traveling hunter and emphasize all the reasons why their choice of transportation should specifically exclude Air Canada in their future outings as well. And, because I am the President of a statewide chapter of a national hunting organization, the community I can reach is rather significant. There is no need to respond unless you intend to retract this new policy immediately. That is the only message I care to hear from you. Scott Holmes Edmond, OK

Posted: May-09 @ 10:26 est.
Name: Donald L.....
Comment: I am adamantly opposed to your new fee for handling rifles. If given the opportunity to fly on another airline rather than paying Air Canada’s fee, I will. I have three hunting trips this year on airlines and do about that many every year. Last year I flew to Winnipeg on your airline.

Donald L Braddock

Posted: May-09 @ 10:26 est.
Name: Ray Bona.....
Comment: ear Mr. Brewer: I have been travelling on your airline, with and without firearms, on a regular basis for over twenty-five years. In the late 80's I was on the Canadian Olympic Trap Shooting team for five years and travelled all over the world with shotguns, mostly on AC. More recently I have been travelling regularly within Canada and internationally with shotguns and rifles. Just last week I flew Montreal-Vancouver-Edmonton-Montreal with two rifles. Future plans for this year include a trip to Argentina bird hunting in June, a trip to the NWT caribou hunting in August, two trips to Alberta, one in September and again in November for geese and deer, plus a trip to Utah in October for elk. This is typical of my last few years and my plans for the next few. I have always been treated well by AC ticket agents with respect to firearms issues and they are generally familiar with your airline's firearms policies. The same can not be said for the security agents manning your oversize baggage areas. It is rare to find a security agent who has a clue what they are supposed to do with a firearm, or how. This despite the fact that they almost universally indicate that the correct handling procedures were part of their training. It is very frustrating to be aware of your policies and in compliance with them and still get the third degree from security people who are typically calling supervisiors to find out what they are supposed to do. A check of your records will show that I consistently achieve Elite status, despite the fact that I travel enough on other airlines to achieve Gold status with AA regularly as well. Like the majority of your regular customers and many of your employees, I have watched the transformation of your industry, and your airline, with frustration. Despite my frustration with your airline's policies I still typically travel on AC within Canada and, until now, have resisted switching my business to your Canadian competitiors. Your decision to charge a $65 one way fee for firearms handling is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I know you handle a firearm essentially the same way you handle a set of golf clubs. I could understand a reasonable fee, say $20, especially if you combined it with adequate training for the security people to cut down on check in hassles, but $65 is totally out of line. I think it would be safe to say you shouldn't expect me to achieve Elite status again. Hello West Jet. Yours truly

Ray Bonar

Posted: May-09 @ 10:26 est.
Name: Richard .....
Comment: I believe it is a form of hunter harrassment and is discriminatory. I WILL NOT fly Air Canada.

Richard M. Young, Jr.

Posted: May-09 @ 10:25 est.
Name: Sheldon .....
Comment: Don:

We looked into it further and it is an across the board fee. We have put out a press release also and several boycott notices are under way through various CDN web sites and newsletters. Several organizations have also sent letters directly to Mr. Milton.

With highest regards,

Sheldon Charron

Posted: May-09 @ 10:25 est.
Name: BOB HARP.....

Posted: May-09 @ 10:25 est.
Name: C.C. WIL.....


Posted: May-09 @ 10:24 est.
Name: JERRY BA.....







Posted: May-09 @ 10:24 est.
Name: Steve Jo.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, It is with great disappointment that I must e-mail you regarding the establishment of a special handling fee for firearms. I understand that a few other token items are also being assessed, however the amount of the increase is unacceptable. I travel the globe enjoying the outdoors and I will continue to do so. Thank goodness we have a variety of airlines to choose from. Your airline is now going to pay the price of selective prejudice. I will make sure that I and all my clients use another airline for travel to Canada. It's amazing to me that an airline struggling with the bottom line would even think of singling out one of their biggest customers to alienate. I don't even mind a special handling fee that is reasonable as long as my weapons will really be handled with care. What I do mind is an extra fee assessed while you continue to abuse my property by tossing it around. The best way to increase revenue is to please your customers. This handling fee has made headlines in many outdoor publications and all are crying foul. Recently one of your employees was asked what kind of special handling the firearms would get and that was met with a shrug of the shoulders. I would love to use your airline in the future but you will have to win back my trust. Canada has always stood for equality and fairness which makes this situation an hypocrisy. Such hypocrisy will surely undo your airline. Real disappointed, Steve Johnston

Posted: May-09 @ 10:23 est.
Name: Pryor Bl.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

I was shocked to learn about the "special handling requirements" initiated by Air Canada. As a businessman, fisherman and hunter who travels extensively internationally for each of these purposes I wanted to express my opinion.

I share the view of The Hunting Report that a modest handling fee might be appropriate for handling gun cases provided this fee applied to ALL baggage of equal or greater size. However, to single out the hunting community by charging an exorbitant fee while not charging for larger, more cumbersome baggage such as skis, golf clubs, etc. reflects an apparent anti-hunting sentiment by Air Canada.

I have enjoyed numerous trips to Canada for hunting, fishing and vacation over the years. As a 3 million mile "lifetime platnum" member of American Airlines Advantage program, and a frequent flyer member of several other airlines, I always try to patronize travel friendly airlines. Your anti-hunting stance will assure I will NOT fly Air Canada under any circumstances as long as this policy remains in effect. There are too many airlines with "hunter friendly" policies and too many other beautiful places besides Canada to spend time and money rather than tolerate this abuse.

I hope you will re-evaluate the cost/benefit of this policy. Should you revisit this move and adopt a more "hunter friendly" approach I will gladly consider Air Canada for my future travels. In the meantime, I will not allow my travel advisor to book air travel on your airline.


Pryor Blackwell

Posted: May-09 @ 10:23 est.
Name: Kurt Fet.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer, I have recently been informed your airline has instituted a new fee for handling firearms. I have flown on your airline many, many times, including twice in November or 2005. I had planned on flying your airline with my family again this summer, as well as this coming November.

In light of your new charges which I consider very unfair, I will now book my flights for the coming year and going forward with one of your competitors. In addition, I plan on telling all of my family members, friends and business associates to no long fly on your airline going forward.

Kurt Fetzer

Posted: May-09 @ 10:23 est.
Name: Scott | .....
Comment: I was planning to go on a hunting trip to Canada in 2007 and have already looked at pricing to fly with Air Canada. I am now looking for alternative airlines and if I can't find any I will cancel my trip and go hunting somewhere else! It is a real shame you want to profit off of your customers that come from a loyal industry. The hunting world is small but spends a lot of money on travel and tourism while in foreign countries. I am sure if you don't drop this ridiculous charge the word will spread that you hurt tourism in Canada. Please don't try and make up for this by creating some other ridiculous charge. Hopefully you will change your mind before the damage is irreversible. Thanks for your time.

Posted: May-09 @ 10:22 est.
Name: Jim Lopr.....
Comment: Dear Don, My company, Aim Adventures, is a hunting and fishing consultant company and an Independent Travel agent for America's Travel Companies. We are located in California send a good number of clients to Canada every year and have always attempted to steer them away from Air Canada because of the poor results on many trips. One of my Canada waterfowl and deer outfitters is Bob Byers the president of APOS ( alberta Professional Outfitter Society. I sent Bob a copy of the Air Canada article and suggested he make a formal announcement on behalf of the association protesting the Air Canada policy. As of this writing I have not heard from him but will keep you posted as to results. If we get the various outfitter associations behind the protest maybe it will help our cause. $114 - RIDICULOUS! Jim Lopresto Aim Adventures

Posted: May-09 @ 10:22 est.
Name: Jim Lopr.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

I understand that Air Canada will charge an additional fee for handling firearms when coming to hunt in Canada. As a hunting and fishing consultant that sends a good number of clients to hunt in Canada every year I must protest this charge. I lost a number of clients when Canada decided to charge a gun registration fee, although I did not see a problem especially when that fee was lowered to reasonable fee. Now a fee for special handling? $65 CDN one way? Ridiculous!

I would like to know the special handling that is involved? Is it because we have to check in at the counter? The cases are not over size and normally not overweight. They are special, being hard, locked cases that are handled, if somewhat poorly, like any other bag. What other items do you charge a special fee?

I have used your airline on a number of occasions but will now book my clients with other airlines where possible. Believe me when I say my clients have already told me to do so even though there may be some inconvience in their travel plans. I think you are only hurting your company and the outfitters, guides and lodges and many other Canadian businesses that benefit from the US visitor. I personally believe that clients may think twice about coming to Canada. Canada certainly benefits with the number of hunters (and fisherman) from the US and if a good relationship is to continue I think cooperation from all parties involved. Until your policy changes I will not use your airline for my clients unless absolutely necessary.


Jim Lopresto

Posted: May-09 @ 10:22 est.
Name: Colin Re.....
Comment: Hi Kelly & Bob,

I've drafted a letter (embedded in the article). If you concur I'll send it today.

Cheers! Colin Reichle

Posted: May-09 @ 10:21 est.
Name: Robert H.....
Comment: My suggestion to Air Canada is to inquire American Airlines who attempted to implement exactly this same biased fee, effecting all hunters/shooters currently flying Air Canada. Assuming they will be honest, their report will reflect a short lived dismal failure. Sincerely, Robert Hancock

Posted: May-09 @ 10:20 est.
Name: Carlos M.....
Comment: I thing this firearm handling fee is just ridiculous. What additional service is being provided for this fee, absolutely none. They mishandle all the gun cases and if anything happens to the case they are not responsible for anything. This year will be my 6th year going on a Canadian hunt, on which I have flown Air Canada in the past, I will simply refuse to book any future flights be hunting, pleasure or business via Air Canada until this fee is removed.

Posted: May-09 @ 10:20 est.
Name: Harold L.....
Comment: ear Mr. Brewer: I am very disappointed in Air Canada's decision to impose a huge $65 fee one way for firearms luggage. It appears hunters/shooters have been singled out as there are no fees on golf clubs and they are also cumbersome to handle. If you agenda is anti-gun so be it. I fly to Canada at least three times per year and from here forward I will not be using Air Canada as long as this fee is in place. I will convince everyone I know to do the same. It is such a shame as I have enjoyed your services in the past. Respectfully submitted, Harold Lee

Posted: May-09 @ 10:20 est.
Name: Giuseppe.....
Comment: Dear Sam: Thank you very much for this info. I will also make sure I will spread it out as far as I can amongst my hunters, friends, etc., and all those I find out may be planning on flying with Air Canada. I will encourage them all to book with a different airline. Thanks and warmest regards, Giuseppe Carrizosa

Posted: May-09 @ 10:19 est.
Name: Todd Sto.....
Comment: The "firearms handling fee" is insulting at best. I enjoy hunting in Canada and will be returning in the future. Based on Air Canada's policy against gun owners who make a huge economical impact on Canada, we should all consider whether to fly on Air Canada and otherwise support a country that treats its gun-owning citizens and visitors basically as criminals. There is a reason for the 2nd Amendment in the U.S. and that is to prevent a tyranical government and Canada is bordering such a form of government. We can all vote with our pocketbook and maybe it is time that Air Canada finds out how we as hunters vote with the flights we choose. Sincerely, Todd Stowater

Posted: May-09 @ 10:19 est.
Name: Scott Ho.....
Comment: Dear Sir; Imposition of this fee unquestionably indicates that your airline no longer wishes to service the traveling hunter. This fee is exorbitant and further discriminates and intimidates hunting men and women. I find no similar fee implemented for golf clubs which are similar in size and weight to that of a rifle case. Such discrimination is inexcusable as it is obviously based on a political bias. Because of this, I will not fly Air Canada on hunting trips nor will I fly Air Canada on business or pleasure trips with my family or friends. Rest assured that I will utilize all my influence within the hunting community to share your disdain for the traveling hunter and emphasize all the reasons why their choice of transportation should specifically exclude Air Canada in their future outings as well. And, because I am the President of a statewide chapter of a national hunting organization, the community I can reach is rather significant. There is no need to respond unless you intend to retract this new policy immediately. That is the only message I care to hear from you. Scott Holmes Edmond, OK

Posted: May-09 @ 10:19 est.
Name: Ryan Lee.....
Comment: Dear Sir, I am writing to advise you of our companies' intention to advise all of our clients of Air Canada's Special Handling Fee for firearms, and recommend they travel with Air North from Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver when coming to the Yukon. The Yukon Outfitters Association is meeting on May 10th and will certainly be discussing this as an agenda item. If there is good news from Air Canada you wish to have presented at that meeting, please advise by email prior to that date. You may otherwise expect similar intentions of the other Yukon Outfitters who represent 500plus flights annually into the Whitehorse Airport. Sincerely, Ryan Leef

Posted: May-09 @ 10:18 est.
Name: Boyd Ive.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, You current proposal to charge an additional $65 each time I travel to or from Canada with my rifle is highly prejudicial, unfair, and unnecessary. This is obviously a disencentive to the hunters who come to your great country every year to hunt. Canada receives a lot of money from the hunters and fishermen who come to Canada every year to vacation. Your decision to unfairly charge hunters who come to your country is undeserved. Not so sincerely, Boyd Iverson

Posted: May-09 @ 10:18 est.
Name: Daniel S.....
Comment: have just been informed of your new fee structure to charge for the handling of all firearms. I am just about to schedule my flight to Whitehorse in August from ABE. In the past I have tried to use Air Canada due to the fact that the service from ABE to Toronto is great. With this new development, I will have to rethink my preference. My research shows two carriers into Whitehorse and since this is a significant additional cost the other carrier will be cheaper. I find it strange that Air Canada has no additional fees for golf clubs, skis and other similar oversized packages. This appears to be an attack on the hunting industry that supports a major sector of the Northern Canadian Economy. Obviously I can not wait too long to schedule this upcoming flight. With your course of action, you lose me as a long standing customer and supporter of Air Canada. Sincerely Daniel Soliday

Posted: May-09 @ 10:17 est.
Name: Harm | .....
Comment: Hi Don,

Together with my hunting friends, I strongly suspect that the Air Canada fee is undoubtedly unnecessary and unfair. Baggage handling facilities should already be secure, and rifle cases do not require special handling techniques.

The Canadian government has made Air Canada a monopoly, and we all know what that means. You should be aware that Air Canada ceased being concerned about it's service to Canadians when the government squeezed out private airlines, such as Canadian Airlines and Ward Air. Air Canada is currently making superficial efforts to do the same to WestJet, a popular airline, by creating special names for certain flight services (e.g. Jazz, Tango) without any noticeable difference in service. I believe it would be impossible to retrain Air Canada staff to be courteous, respectful, and appreciative towards their customers. The highly unionized work environment has created a mentality among staff which borders on insolence because they are overpaid and overprotected. No one I know enjoys flying Air Canada. Personally, I fly WestJet, Alaska Airlines or virtually any other airline when I have an option to do so.

If a premium cost at least resulted in a premium service, I would begrudge it less. But, I am certain we cannot expect superior handling or courtesy at the counter in exchange for this charge.

All the best,


Posted: May-09 @ 10:17 est.
Name: Richard .....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, I wish to express my extreme displeasure regarding your imposition of the onerous "firearms handling fees". I pay no additional fees when traveling with golf clubs, skis, children's strollers, etc. The $114.00 fee seems rather excessive. I have three hunting trips in Canada scheduled this year, and I will certainly weigh this new fee when choosing my airline. Please rescing this misguided decision. Thank you for your time,

Richard A. Arnold

Posted: May-09 @ 10:17 est.
Name: Dale Gau.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer, Since 1986 I have made 31 hunting trips into Western Canada from my home in Pennsylvania. I have been very happy and satisfied over the years with the service that I have received from Air Canada which I have used on all of my trips. I know that the airlines expenses have skyrocketed like every other business especially with the amount of fuel you consume. To single out hunters with $114.00 extra charge is a complete ripoff. I have also skied in BC twice, why don't you charge extra for handling of skies which are certainly more cumbersome then my rifle case. Air Canada almost has a monopoly in Canada, but I can assure you that my two hunting trips to BC and Alberta this Fall, I will not be flying your airline! Dale Gaugler

Posted: May-09 @ 10:16 est.
Name: Tom Pete.....
Comment: am very disappointed with your airlines decision to change such an outrageous handling fee for firearms. Air Canada has always been a fine airlines to fly, however I will be forced to book elsewhere due to these discriminatory fees. Respectfully, Tom Peterson

Posted: May-09 @ 10:16 est.
Name: Mark Don.....
Comment: Dear Mr Brewer, I am very disappointed by Air Canada's firearms handling fee. It is excessive and as such I will avoid flying on Air Canada from this point forward due to these unreasonable fees. I plan on traveling to Canada for hunts scheduled in August 2006, September 2007 and August 2008. Sincerely, Mark Donovan

Posted: May-09 @ 10:16 est.
Name: Allen Bo.....
Comment: We American hunters are most fond of Canada. Its people and hunting opportunities offer much for the sportsman. My next trips will be for mountain goat in B.C. and white tail deer in Alberta. I regret that Air Canada has imposed a discriminatory charge for gun cases. Until the charge is lifted, my travel companions and I will make arrangements on other airlines. Sincerely, Allen Bobo

Posted: May-09 @ 10:15 est.
Name: Greg Wen.....
Comment: Just letting Air Canada know that I will not be flying their airline untill the firearms fee has been dropped or greatly redused. Thank you, Greg Wenner avid hunter and shooter

Posted: May-09 @ 10:15 est.
Name: Michael .....
Comment: Having just found out about the proposed $65 fee for flying with hunting rifles, I will be sure to eliminate Air Canada from consideration on any flight plans in the future. My wife and I have a planned trip at the end of July that will not involve Air Canada, soley because of this policy. The actual fee of $65 means little to me, and likely even less to an organization the size of yours. I can only conclude that the new rule was enacted out of spite. In the same spirit of spite, I will be telling every gun owner that I know about Air Canada's gouging tactic. Congratulations on alienating 8 million Canadians and their families. Care to wager how many of them fly, with or without their sporting arms?

Posted: May-01 @ 13:03 est.
Name: Harvey c.....
Comment: Dear sir: The new $114.00 fee would cause to use another airline if possible. My gun case is smaller than a golf club bag. Sincerely, Harvey c. Knowles iii P.s. will be hunting in Canada in 9 days

Posted: May-01 @ 13:02 est.
Name: | tbram.....
Comment: This fee is very out of line. There is no way that the airline is incurring this much extra expense to handle a fun.

As all airlines are having a difficult time making a profit, if the fee is charged to all types of sporting equipment, then it would be difficult to complain.

If this fee is for all firearms, then is a hunter allowed two additional bags as luggage at no charge or are we being discriminated against and only being allowed one free bag?

Posted: May-01 @ 13:02 est.
Name: Bill Jon.....
Comment: Dear Don; I got your email address from a friend who takes the Hunting Bulletin. He emailed that Air Canada is going to charge us for handling guns because they are "dangerous goods". That is a farce as we all know. Golf clubs are much more dangerous than an unloaded rifle and we have to take extra precautions now. I disagree that we should be charged anything extra as guns count as part of our baggage now. I understand the charge is a one-way charge, so if it is dangerous to carry a gun as baggage one way and be charged, then it is just as dangerous to carry it both ways. Dry ice is "dangerous" and it is a one-way charge. Stand by to soon see charges reflected on both ways of a flight. Also, you can bet the other airlines are waiting in the wings to see what our response is on this issue. I emailed Air Canada about their "holding up" U.S. hunters; what they are doing is a blatant wrong. If you were not aware of what the Alberta Guides and Outfitters Association is attempting, you should be made aware. They are trying to take over ALL migratory bird hunting in Alberta. This means that if you want to hunt ducks/geese in Alberta and you are from the U.S., then you will have to go through them, period! I own land in Alberta and have ponds and fields where I hunt ducks and geese. If these goons get their way, I will have to obtain an outfitter/guide to hunt on my own place!! They have already closed down the big game hunting; I am not willing to sit back and have them take over the birds. We have to fight back sometime and we better do it soon. Bill Jones

Posted: May-01 @ 13:02 est.
Name: Brian Da.....
Comment: Sir: You have enacted another hurdle that imposes restrictions and fees on law abiding citizens. Thanks. I've stopped my yearly hunting trips to Canada since the liberals have deemed me an inconvenience and a threat and charge accordingly. You won't miss my $5000 per year but collectively among al the guys deciding not to travel with you - it will add up quite quickly.

Brian Dam New York State

Posted: May-01 @ 13:02 est.
Name: John Wil.....
Comment: I have been taking a group of 8 hunters to Canada for the past five years. This year the group has grown to 12. First the Canadian government imposed fees to register firearms. The first year they actually looked at the firearm to insure that the serial numbers were correct. By the second year, they didn’t even look at the guns (in or out!!) All they wanted was the extra revenue. Now Air Canada has picked up on the scam. I feel the charge they are proposing is unreasonably high and will deter many hunters from choosing Canada as a destination. It is for this very reason that many hunters have given up taking their own guns to Mexico. High costs and big hassles do not endear the traveling hunter. I am booked for this coming September, but if this charge remains in effect, I will not be rebooking for 2007.

Outfitters that want to survive may have to provide shotguns to hunters to encourage them to come to Canada. It is sad to see airlines and governments “shoot themselves in the foot” to develop a short term additional revenue stream that will have such a negative effect on hunting/tourism (and the flow of dollars) into their country.

John Wilhelm

Posted: May-01 @ 13:01 est.
Name: Richard .....
Comment: Don, In my few Air Canada was already an airline to avoid. The last time I used them I experienced the following; - upon arrival in Montreal waiting for 40 minutes for a Gate Agent so that we could open the aircraft door to disembark. -upon departure from Montreal waiting over an hour in a long serpentine check-in line with a baggage cart filled with , 2 meat boxes,a large duffel bag, a small backpack, my cased rifle and 1 set of wrapped Caribou antlers with one Agent behind the counter serving customers. It has been my experience with virtually all airlines in the US (Denver, Atlanta, Miami), in Spain, France, South Africa, and Botswana when so encumbered to be whisked out of the line and checked in immediately. In other words traveling with a firearm is similar to going First Class. I cannot see that a cased firearm poses any more difficulty in handling than most items that airlines accept for shipment and less difficulty than some. For years Air Canada has been inconsistent with their treatment of hunters with respect to shipment of antlers, hides and meat in addition to firearms. While their Corporate policy might say one thing local Agents at various locations throughout their area of operation might decide another. They always seem to be a little "anti" which makes one nervous. A $114 R/T charge for a firearm is not going to improve my opinion of Air Canada. But look on the bright side you could be taking two firearms. Thanks for you concern and help with this matter. Regards, DIck

Posted: May-01 @ 13:01 est.
Name: Gerry Ra.....
Comment: Any extra fee is unreasonable.

They are already charging an extra fee when you consider that if you have to travel with a second duffle that you have three bags when you count your gun case and they charge for anything over two.

Will they count it as an extra piece of luggage too and charge another $80?

Posted: May-01 @ 13:01 est.
Name: T.R. Phi.....
Comment: As I have been hunting Canada at least twice a year for the last there years, Air Canada simply will be eliminated from consideration when flying, T.R. Phillips

Posted: May-01 @ 13:00 est.
Name: | tmber.....
Comment: i am totally against this

Posted: May-01 @ 13:00 est.
Name: Rex Bake.....
Comment: Mr. Brewer, I first flew on your company’s airline in 1995 for a hunt in New Brunswick. The person checking me in would not allow my ammunition on the plane on the return flight. No mention was made of this when I called well in advance to confirm any special packaging or handling requirements, so it came as a complete surprise when it did happen. After several communications and way too much time involved, I was finally granted a check for the cost of the ammunition. To be clear this was custom loaded ammunition made specifically for this rifle, and it takes me several hours to load a batch of bullets. No consideration for my time, aggravation, numerous phone calls or even an apology about the incident was ever offered. That was my first experience. I have been to Canada several times since then for leisure and hunting and refused to use Air Canada. I tell you this, as I wish for you to know it has already cost your company a few thousand dollars in bookings.

Now with your obviously anti-hunter and anti-gun agenda, I can assure you that I will inform all my friends and associates of your company’s practices and new policies. I will encourage them to never fly your airline if preventable, even if only from a cost perspective. While I doubt a non-customer’s complaint will impact your company, I will gain the personal satisfaction of costing your significant income in the future. Only a fool would continue to go where he was informed that he was not welcome.

Rex Baker, Jr.

Posted: May-01 @ 13:00 est.
Name: Allen Ze.....
Comment: Don, It's a great idea if they don't want the tourism from the hunting community in the USA. There is a limit to what we will spend to transport our guns and Air Canada just crossed the line. Your lost will be our gain and we will keep and spend our money here in the USA. Thanks but no thanks to Air Canada. Allen Zech, CFE

Posted: May-01 @ 12:59 est.
Name: LloydPhi.....
Comment: I will boycott Air Canada because of it’s excessive gun handling fee that I consider anti hunter / firearm. I will boycott them even if I am not traveling with a firearm. I am not going to boycott Canada.


5828 Miller Crk Rd

Missoula, Mt 59803

Posted: May-01 @ 12:59 est.
Name: Alain Ta.....
Comment: Dear Sir, As a professional outfitter in Northern Quebec I receive approximately 350 US clients per year, with the new fee for the transportation of firearms I will have no choice but to have my clients fly with another airline. I certainly hope you will reconsider this decision, with the recent increases in gas, the drop in the Canadian dollar this new charge for firearms will keep many US hunters south of the border. Yours Truly, Alain Tardif Leaf River Lodge

Posted: May-01 @ 12:59 est.
Name: nate wal.....
Comment: I have a hunting trip to canada in 2007and after hearing this news i will be driving. It will cost more but it is worth it to keep from being raped. nate walker

Posted: May-01 @ 12:59 est.
Name: | SMunh.....
Comment: I agree this charge is abusive, as Air Canada already limits the number of bags and weight than you can bring without a surcharge. Furthermore a great deal of traffic on their airlines is a direct result of participation from the hunting and fishing tourist who are now being vandalized or held hostage by these confiscatory policies.

Posted: May-01 @ 12:58 est.
Name: Paul Ise.....
Comment: It seems to me they are trying to tell us something, like maybe “we don’t want you here”. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of Caribou in the lower 48 and the bear and Moose hunting is better there also. My fifth trip is scheduled and paid for, but I think it may well be my last trip to Canada.

Paul Isenberg Oklahoma City, OK

Posted: May-01 @ 12:58 est.
Name: Dave Mak.....
Comment: Dear Sir, I believe that Air Canada is trying to create an anti-gun/hunter agenda. I will not fly Air Canada and will tell everyone I know not to fly this airline until they end this excessive fee. Thankyou for the opportunity to voice my concerns. Dave Makowski Las Vegas, New Mexico

Posted: May-01 @ 12:58 est.
Name: | Luk81.....
Comment: boycott

Posted: May-01 @ 12:57 est.
Name: Ray Bona.....
Comment: Hi Don: I live in Montreal and have no choice but to travel with Air Canada. I travel with them a lot (Super Elite Status) and often travel with guns. In fact I am sending you this e-mail from Vancouver where I arrived last night from Montreal with two rifles in a Tuffpack case. I'm on business trip which will terminate with two days of prairie dog shooting in Alberta with Big Buck Outfitters; whose ad I saw in the back of The Hunting Report. Their gun handling procedure consists of filling out a small declaration form, which they usually hand to me to complete, they then put a firearm tag on the case and ammunition tags, if required, on the appropriate luggage. At that point the ask me to bring the gun case to their special handling department - the same place you bring bicycles and golf clubs etc. They always X-Ray them, but they X-Ray golf clubs and bikes to, so I don't see any difference. This is typically followed by the X-Ray guy asking me to open the case for inspection, at which point I tell them I know the step isn't required and it's a pain to open the case. Usually they just say OK and let me put the case on the belt. In my experience if I am required to open the case most AC employees have no idea what to look for anyway. The whole procedure works smoothly and I can honestly say I've always been treated well by all AC employees with respect to firearms issues, unlike the employees of some other airlines. I can't imagine that handling a gun as opposed to a set of golf clubs costs them more than a couple of bucks extra. That said, Air Canada is on the cost savings, revenue raising warpath. They announced yesterday that, starting almost immediately, wine will no longer come in bottles, but TetraPacks, like kid's drink boxes. Apparently the weight savings will save them a bunch of money. It received a lot of very negative media coverage yesterday. A couple of months ago they reduced the maximum allowable weight per piece of luggage from 30 kilos to 22 kilos. They still take luggage to 30 kilos but they now charge a substantial overweight fee (I think it's $65, but they don't charge it to Elite clients so I'm not positive). You should see the frustration from vacation travelers at check in. Although they would disagree these guys have a virtual monopoly in many areas; so much so that they don't seem to care much about the negative PR. In truth I believe this move to be all about increasing revenue on the backs of a special users group with no other options, as opposed to any particular anti-gun bias. You have my full support in your efforts with Air Canada. In the meantime I will be contacting their Elite travelers department directly and also investigating what WetJet, the closest thing they have to a major Canadian competitor, is doing. Regards, Ray Bonar

Posted: May-01 @ 12:57 est.
Name: Stan Nef.....
Comment: I agree that the amount of the firearms handling fee is punitive for hunters. The message that it sends to me is that Air Canada does not want our business. This is one more reason to avoid Air Canada on top of the poor service and anti-hunter attitudes and comments that I have suffered from their agents.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:41 est.
Name: | UserV.....
Comment: Thanks for this info. I was planning a trip to Toronto via Air Canada later this year, but will now use another carrier. This new "gun policy" is just too much to swallow. I will now vote with my wallet. Thanks. Vinny Donnelly a citizen of a "free" country!!

Posted: April-24 @ 13:41 est.
Name: JUAN ANT.....
Comment: Dear Don:

I’m international hunter and partner in Camino Real Hunting Consultants , Spanish international hunting agency. In the last three years I went 3 times to Canada, last time was in February in Yukon for wood bison hunt and I will return on September to BC for mount ain goat hunt. Despite of this every year we have some Spanish hunters going there , in fact this year we will send 8 hunters to BC, plus 9 hunters to Alberta.

Untill now we suggested to our customers to fly with Air Canada in any of the possible combinations departing from European capitals, but now with this new “antihunt tax” I think that we will change our recommendations to our customers. Because if to the import permit tax you pay when you entry in the country you have to pay this “antihunt tax” to this air company is clear that everybody will refuse to book the flights wit AC.

Plus coming from Europe where is mandatory bring the ammunition in a separate metallic box , which means 1 rifle box, 1 ammunition box and at least 1 bag you are also obligated to pay for the extra third bag. .The average cost of one ticket in-out to Whitehorse or Prince Jorge is something around 1.000 to 1.100€ that means the hunters will pay a “penalty” of 6 or 8 % more to be hunters and not golf players¡¡¡¡¡¡ All together plus the “normal” security procedures after 9 of 11, become travel with rifles a horrible and expensive experience.

I hope the GOABC , SCI, and other hunting institutions take care about this complaint against AC, which don’t benefit at all the hunting industry.

Congratulations Don, one more time , to be always at front with the “hot” news.

We will publish this new also in the most important hunting magazines in Spain .

Best regards and good hunting


Posted: April-24 @ 13:41 est.
Name: doug whi.....
Comment: this is not right!!! i will boycott Air Canada until they lift that fee. doug whitson

Posted: April-24 @ 13:40 est.
Name: Hampton .....
Comment: This new Air Canada "gun handling" fee is exorbitant beyond reason or common sense justification. No one would argue with a reasonable fee, provided it applied to other similar size and weight items such as skis, or golf clubs. Absent of a policy such as that, it smells of clear prejudice against the legal hunting and shooting community, and I will certainly choose other airlines for my visits to Canada, on both hunting trips, as well as business and vacation travel.

Hampton Pitts

Posted: April-24 @ 13:40 est.
Name: Glenn So.....
Comment: It's B.S. What more can you say? I would think the Canadian Guide Associations would be all over this one. I'm booked to go BC next year for Stone Sheep. I'll do everything I can to avoid Air Canada. Glenn Sosebee, DMD

Posted: April-24 @ 13:40 est.
Name: Kip Kerr.....
Comment: Don, I couldn’t have said it better this fee is totally out of line and I will not fly air Canada if at all possible.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:39 est.
Name: Gary R P.....
Comment: You need to roll this back or I for one will boycott you're airlines, it's outrageous!

Posted: April-24 @ 13:39 est.
Name: Neil Bur.....
Comment: Don,I am total agreement that this an attack on gun ownership ! Until this rediculous fee is reduced to a reasonable charge I will not use this airline in the future. It appears Canada is becoming more anti gun than ever. Neil Burnside

Posted: April-24 @ 13:39 est.
Name: Chris Ja.....
Comment: Dear Don,

I agree that the gun handling charge imposed by Air Canada is excessive and appears to support an "anti hunting" stance. Last year I flew Air Canada on a Rocky Mountain Bighorn hunting trip to Alberta. I intend to hunt Canada in the future, but would be hesitant to fly Air Canada if another choice in airline services exists.

Best regards,

Chris Jackson

Posted: April-24 @ 13:38 est.
Name: Steve Br.....
Comment: It's simple I just won't Fly Air Canada until they remove the xtra fee. Regardless if I am traveling with a gun or not!

Steve Bruggeman

Posted: April-24 @ 13:38 est.
Name: GORDON .....
Comment: DON,




Posted: April-24 @ 13:38 est.
Name: Michael .....
Comment: Don, As one of the owners of a hunting lodge and two hunting concessions in British Columbia, I am stunned at the artificial distinction between guns and other sports related luggage. I agree that Air Canada is acting in an unreasonable manner by in essence taxing hunters for the privilege of bringing along their guns for a hunting trip. Perhaps the Canadian government should be reminded that tens of millions of dollars come into their economy as a direct result of American hunters. Of course, I fully expect that the airlines will simply say, OK, all luggage of larger size or weight will be charged extra. Do not forget that the government is already charging us $50.00 simply for bring the gun into the country, for the purpose of registration. As you have reported the government has been working to try and simplify that process and now the airlines wants to get their share of the "most have" money. Michael P. Morton

Posted: April-24 @ 13:37 est.
Name: Ray Cupp.....
Comment: Dear Don, I agree that the extra charge is ridiculous . We are already being penalized to the extent that the fire arm is considered to be one of your two allowed pieces of luggage. Flying out of Terrace last fall I was not allowed to send my brake down Blaser which was in a locked metal case, with any other items. This leaves one bag for all other gear, ammo, clothing, etc. Also please note that according to Air Canada's website and the information I was given from Air Canada, you are only allowed 50 pounds per bag not 70. Try to do this on a winter hunt, you better be prepared to wear a lot of clothing on the airplane. As president of the SCI Delaware Valley Chapter you can be sure your info will be passed on to all our members and every one else we know that may be concerned. Thanks for the information. Yours Truly, Ray Cuppy

Posted: April-24 @ 13:37 est.
Name: Don Walt.....
Comment: I have a hunt in Canada this Fall. I will not travel with Air Canada whenever possible. The extra fares created by hunters should be reason enough for Air Canada to be happy to serve us not penalize us for flying with them….

Don Walters

Posted: April-24 @ 13:37 est.
Name: James Sc.....
Comment: Hi Don,

Obviously, Canada does not want hunters from other countries coming into Canada. This exorbitant fee is beyond comprehension. I know of nothing they do special in Canada and I have been there many times. It is just another piece of baggage and one I sometimes feel they treat roughly simply because it is a weapon. I will pay more to fly another airline if need be but I won't be held ransom by rediculess fees!!

James Scull Rapid City, South Dakota

Posted: April-24 @ 13:37 est.
Name: Pete Jac.....
Comment: Don, This is a typical Canadian Corporation attitude towards firearms. Air Canada is using this as a cash grab because they know non resident hunters and shooters will still pay the additional fees. Another $114.00 is not enough for them to cancel a $10,000 hunting trip. It smacks more of anti-U.S. sentiments than anti-firearms.A strong message to the Minister of Transport and Federal MP Garry Breitkreuz might have some deterrent factor to this unjustified hike in fees. Cheers Pete Jackson

Posted: April-24 @ 13:37 est.
Name: Lorin Pe.....
Comment: Don:

I have two hunts planned in Canada this year. I’m leaving on the first on before the Air Canada fees go into effect but you can bet that I’ll use ANY carrier other than Air Canada for my next hunt. I hope there are alternative carriers for most if not all the routes Air Canada flies and I would urge ALL hunters to boycott Air Canada unless this discriminatory policy is rescinded.

Lorin Peterson

Posted: April-24 @ 13:36 est.
Name: Mike Axe.....
Comment: Don,

It is for this and the aggravation I endured once before flying Air Canada that I never fly Air Canada. I have some Air Canada nitwit here in Houston tell me that I could not brink my firearm to Newfoundland and then upon her station manager telling her otherwise, having to listen to her grouse that hunters are bad, immoral and should not be allowed on here airlines! To top it off, the flights to Newfoundland were a DISASTER. Took me longer to get there than to Tanzania! I am going to Saskatchewan later this year and am paying more to avoid this second rate airline. Canada on the whole seems to discourage hunters from coming. Fine by me..........there are plenty of other places in the world where our presence is wanted and welcomed!

Mike Axelrad

Posted: April-24 @ 13:36 est.
Name: Cal Hend.....
Comment: Don: A discriminatory practice that deserves a response. I refuse to fly Air Canada this year. I am planning 2 hunting trips this year, one to Alberta and one to British Columbia. I hope Air Canada ends up in bankruptcy. Cal Hendrick

Posted: April-24 @ 13:36 est.
Name: Jack Lam.....
Comment: These guys are nuts! I didn't like them before this and I sure as hell won't use them in the future! Need the Canadian Guide Association, or whoever, to take the wheel on this. It is their lively hood at stake here. I love to go to Canada (2 hunts booked this year) but there are a lot of great places I can go in the good old US of A and I can do it without those liberal ass- holes! Jack Lamb

Posted: April-24 @ 13:31 est.
Name: Gary Wil.....
Comment: Don The charge is ridicules, the idea will probably spread to other airlines as they are trying different ways to make money besides raising fares for everyone. I am flying to the Yukon this summer and will do my best not to book with Air Canada. Gary Willis

Posted: April-24 @ 13:31 est.
Name: Garry Hi.....
Comment: The $114.00 additional fee for handling firearms is excessive and appears to be anti-hunting. Hubters don't mind a reasonable fee for airlines to take extra care with their firearms, but we could Fed Ex or UPS our weapons for 1/3 that cost. Please review this and reconsider the amount of the fee.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:30 est.
Name: John R. .....
Comment: Don Causey, As long ago as 10 years I had problems at the border crossings, this is just one way for Canada and the Big Corporatins to push their Anti-Gun agenda. I personally will anyone else I can, on my next hunting or vacation trip to Canada. I could handle $25.00 US, seems reasonable since guns are somewhat more problem, but not $114.00. Sincerely, John R. Rains Amarillo, Texas

Posted: April-24 @ 13:30 est.
Name: Michael .....
Comment: I have a hunting trip booked in British Columbia this fall. I had planned to fly out of Sault Saint Marie, Ontario which is not far from my home in Michigan to Vancouver via Air Canada. I will now be looking into flying from my home to Vancouver using some other airline and then flying to Fort Nelson, B.C. on a non-Air Canada flight. It may be slightly less convenient but for $114 I can tolerate a little inconvenience. Fifty dollars round trip might be tolerable but $114 is simply too much. If Air Canada doesn't want my business I am sure I can find an airline that does. I often ski in Canada and usually go via Air Canada. I will now be doing my skiing in the U.S. if I can't find other air transport in Canada.

Michael H. Grieb

Posted: April-24 @ 13:30 est.
Name: Paul Sam.....
Comment: Don, I think this is a "rip off ". A rifle in a case is just another piece of luggage, nothing else. We Americans are spending quite a bit of money in this country. They are about to price some of us out of it !!! Maybe the outfitters in Canada should "ban" together and approach Air Canada about this ridiculous charge. In comparison to Africa, Canada is as or more expensive than going on a plainsgame hunt. The main difference is the airfare. In fact you can go on a Buffalo hunt in Zim for less than a good Moose hunt in Western Canada. In the future, I plan to hunt the lower 48. Just my thoughts. Paul Sammons Subscriber Terrell Texas

Posted: April-24 @ 13:30 est.
Name: Brett Ne.....
Comment: I am absolutely opposed to any airline charges associated with handling firearms. What special handling does an airline do? I know in the US TSA (sometimes) does a manual inspection of the gun and guncase, but to the best of my knowledge an airlines does not handle a gun case any differently from another piece of luggage. Surfboards and bicycles exceed size limits and that is why they are charged extra. Guns do not and should not be charged extra. I fly extensively for work and for hunting and I will certainly avoid any airline that charges me to carry my guns. I already avoid certain airlines and airports that frequently cause unnecessary problems and other trouble when they find out I am traveling with a firearm. Brett Nelson Palmer, Alaska

Posted: April-24 @ 13:29 est.
Name: Bill Don.....
Comment: This fee will definitely impact my decision to fly Air-Canada since I do not believe the added cost of firearm transport is fairly reflected. Last year I spent approximately $8000 on a Canadian Moose/Mule Deer hunt and will reconsider future trips in view of another Canadian anti-hunter/gun move, Sincerely, Bill Donovan

Posted: April-24 @ 13:29 est.
Name: Tom Lund.....
Comment: Dear Don, In the past I have always preferred to use Air Canada when flying to Canada and Alaska.If this is going to be their new policy for flying with guns I will definately use a different airline. You can forward this if you want.I have flown Air Canada on four different hunting trips in the past five years.

Tom Lundgren

Posted: April-24 @ 13:29 est.
Name: | drrak.....
Comment: your right Don ,it is targeting hunters ,I wonder if those american carriers that use air canada will be charging also?

Posted: April-24 @ 13:28 est.
Name: Mark Fra.....
Comment: Hello Don, Mark Frazier from Ohio here. I travel to Alberta for whitetail every year. In fact 2006 will be my 20th year. I always fly Air Canada out of Cleveland to Toronto and thru to Edmonton. I enjoy Air Canada. They allowed hunters 70 pounds of luggage. Now it is 50 pounds. And now this Firearms Handling fee. They used to cater to hunters. Now I think it is just a reflection of society and making a buck. I have never lost luggage or a rifle in all my years of flying Air Canada. I have heard of horror stories from hunters using different Airlines. So even with the fee I will probably use Air Canada. I have 2 choices out of Cleveland to Edmonton either Air Canada or North West Airlines thru Minneapolis to Edmonton. It is unfortunate but what can a hunter do. I live to hunt my Alberta Whitetail. In fact I am leaving April 22nd to go up to Lac La Biche, Alberta and look for sheds and scout for stand locations for this November. If my luggage and rifle make it to Edmonton with myself then I do not mind paying the fee. Take Care, Mark Mark Frazier

Posted: April-24 @ 13:28 est.
Name: TOM DIPI.....

Posted: April-24 @ 13:28 est.
Name: Brian Br.....
Comment: Don,

Maybe a $25 handling fee for round trip would be ok. If you think about though firearms are easier to handle than golf bags and regular luggage because of the lighter weight.

The real reason for this Air Canada charge is to make more profit. There is no easier way than to charge traveling hunters. Think of the millions in extra revenue this new charge will give Air Canada each year. Watch out because this is just a start. Air Canada today and Northwest, Delta & US Air domestic flights tomorrow.

Brian Brown Long Time Hunting Report Subscriber

Posted: April-24 @ 13:28 est.
Name: Greg Han.....
Comment: Fortunately, there are other airlines to fly to Canada for my fall and spring hunting trips.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:27 est.
Name: markmccl.....
Comment: Don, $114.00 is simply crazy for handling firearms. First of all, we are providing income to a variety of Canadian businesses by hunting in Canada in the first place. I don't mind paying a small fee (say an extra $20.00 round trip) to ensure I am not hassled and that my firearm is handled with care but $114.00.....that is going to equate to a high percentage of the airline ticket!! I have plans to travel to Canada in October to hunt Mountain Goat and I sure hope Air Canada comes to it's senses before then!! Sincerely, Mark McCloskey Texarkana, Texas

Posted: April-24 @ 13:27 est.
Name: Vic Pior.....
Comment: I agree with you. An appropriate fee would be understandable and accepted. But, $114.00 is absolute lunacy..... thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Thank You

Vic Piorro

Posted: April-24 @ 13:27 est.
Name: Roger We.....
Comment: There is absolutley no justification for this kind of charge. It is clearly discriminatory. Roger Wendel

Posted: April-24 @ 13:27 est.
Name: Matt Ham.....
Comment: Don,

Thanks for the heads up on this. I have already booked a flight with AirCanada for mid-August. It certainly doesn’t seem fair for them to enact such a fee after I’ve booked my flight and given up other options. Any word on grandfathering ticket holders? That might be something you help push for because I’m sure others are in the same situation.

Thanks for your help with this.

Matt Hammond

Posted: April-24 @ 13:26 est.
Name: Ulla Fre.....
Comment: Dear Don Causey,

Great to see your reaction. As one of the largest hunting tour operators in Europe we will also try and put maximum pressure on Air Canada, and also get our colleagues in the market to do the same.

Best regards

Ulla Fregerslev

Diana Hunting Tours

Posted: April-24 @ 13:26 est.
Name: Butch Sm.....
Comment: don, thanks for the info. please be informed that today i will accept air canada's invitation to fly delta to montreal this fall to hunt caribou.

Butch Smith

Posted: April-24 @ 13:26 est.
Name: Victor K.....
Comment: I join with you to expose this unfair charge. I also totaly agree that some nominal fee to cover extra handling and paperwork for firearms would be only fair IF they could get at least some uniformity among themselves. Regards Victor Knight

Posted: April-24 @ 13:25 est.
Name: Keith Kr.....
Comment: To whom it may concern,

I am not sure if you are instituting a gun handling fee because your company is actually going to give firearms transported on your airlines special treatment, such as not seeing how far you baggage handlers can throw them, or not. If this is not the reason I would strongly suggest you reconsider. Many of us United States citizens who are living in the northern states already weight the cost of flying over driving very carefully before booking a flight. With your added charge it will make a lot of our decisions easy. A group of four will spend 456.00 to fly our guns. Even will gas prices as high as they are that's a lot of gas. Add this to the inconvienace of checking in a firearm at the airport and you can bet there will be a whole lot of us that will chose to make the drive!

Keith Kruttlun Michigan, USA

Posted: April-24 @ 13:25 est.
Name: Craig Po.....
Comment: I hunt in Canada nearly every year, and have many good friends in the outfitting industry there. This newly announced surcharge for firearms handling by Air Canada will not cause me to cease hunting in Canada--but will make me select other airlines that do not impose the charge. If Air Canada would describe added benefits that consumers derive from the imposition of such charge, I would likely be amenable to paying extra--provided that I also see the benefits. Give me something for my extra dollars--or don't take the extra dollars. Craig Power Craig E. Power

Posted: April-24 @ 13:25 est.
Name: Jim Reis.....
Comment: As an avid hunter and often tourist to Canada[my mother is Canadian] I am deeply disturbed about the excessive charge for handling guns. I am traveling to Quebec in September for a caribou hunt, and I can promise that I will fly another carrier to help support the boycott of Air Canada. DR.James Reisman DDS FAGD FICD "Excellence is not a matter of chance, it is matter of choice " Jim Reisman DDS FAGD FICD

Posted: April-24 @ 13:24 est.
Name: Bill Har.....
Comment: It is right to fight this. It is one more example of how so many forces act, and interact, to make difficult those activities that used to be relatively simple.

You shouldn't have to pay extra for your baggage unless it is truly unwieldy and difficult to handle. Long guns travel in cases designed for them, and weigh less, and are often smaller, than some of the monster, normal(?) luggage you see on the carousel. Often this luggage is so big that many people cannot lift it off the carousel and onto a luggage cart.

Bill Hartman Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: April-24 @ 13:24 est.
Name: Bill Sn.....
Comment: A charge of this type is ridiculous. This is typical of the liberals in Ottawa and Eastern Canada. They show no concern and even less knowledge of the economic and social impact on the rural and less developed areas of Canada. Hunting is a MAJOR part of the economy in most of Canada, and is a cornerstone of the Northern heritage. Actions such as this are tightening the noose around the necks of hardworking Canadian Guides and Outfitters. It's a Damn shame. After 911, Jim Shockey wrote a fine editorial in the BC Hunter magazine condemning the inaction and limp-wristed reaction of "Official Canada." Jim reaffirmed the hunting communities support of thier Southern nieghbors, friends and families. We should remember who our friends are, and join together to oppose our enemies. Air Canada has made a business decision with financial ramifications. We, as hunters, should respond in kind. If it's going to cost an extra hundred bucks or so, I will spend it somewhere else, if at all possible. Bill Snow Ravenel, SC

Posted: April-24 @ 13:24 est.
Name: Lee Dave.....
Comment: Dear Don, I think that the $114 "gun handling fee" is exorbitant and should be repealed. This is nothing but an anti-gun act on the airlines part. If there is a way I can avoid Air Canada when I go to Saskatchewan, I will do it. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Regards, Lee Davenport St. Simons Island, GA

Posted: April-24 @ 13:24 est.
Name: Roger M.....
Comment: This charge is outrageous and clearly anti-gun legislation. I will do everything I can not to fly Air Canada, as long as they impose such legislation. Historically, I fly to Canada for hunting regularly, so I will go out of my way to avoid Air Canada. Thank you. Cordially, Roger McCosker Reno, Nevada

Posted: April-24 @ 13:23 est.
Name: Mark | m.....
Comment: Don, If Air Canada were to say as British Air does that they will have a designated person upon checking in receive your guns and then that person will be responsible for seeing that the guns got on the plane I would have no problem with an additional fee for that. If in fact the "special handling" in no way assures the guns get from point A to point B I think I'd need a lot more info on why Air Canada is incurring extra costs from handling guns that other airlines don't.. Initially this just sounds like another superficial "security" issue that protects nobody but in reality makes traveling with guns once again more difficult. Regards, Mark

Posted: April-24 @ 13:23 est.
Name: Jerry A......
Comment: Don One of the things that has always annoyed me when traveling with a firearm is the luggage limitation. I would gladly pay 114 dollar surcharge if I was then allowed my normal two bags plus my firearm. Jerry A. Gordenier

Posted: April-24 @ 13:22 est.
Name: Tee Fair.....
Comment: Get the Air Canada guy’s e-mail and he’ll have many more responses than that of snail mail.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:22 est.
Name: Bob Cole.....
Comment: Is this a per gun charge or per gun case?

Posted: April-24 @ 13:22 est.
Name: Mark Pic.....
Comment: Dear sirs, I am writing to protest the firearm handling fee your airline is now charging. Canada is doing all it can do to discourage international hunters from visiting. Your government charges us to import a firearm and now you want to charge us for ther privilege of having our firearm thrown into your luggage bin where it can be lost and destroyed with the rest of our luggage. What are we receiving for this added costs? Will are firearms be handled more carefully? Will there be a guarantee they end up where they are suppose to end up? In the end tun, your greed will only hurt Canadian residents because all those dollars that international hunters bring in will dry up. Good job! Mark Pickering

Posted: April-24 @ 13:22 est.
Name: Paul D. .....
Comment: Don,

I've flown Air Canada on several occasions while hunting in Canada, and this is certainly unreasonable. I truly believe they are shooting themselves in the foot with this decision!! No pun intended.

Keep up the good work,

Paul D. Babaz

Posted: April-24 @ 13:21 est.
Name: Alan Mol.....
Comment: Don:

My previous experience with Air Canada have been extremely poor, with respect to service and attitude towards hunters.

Are you really surprised that a Canadian Governmnet owned airline would impose a new restriction/cost upon gun owners?

Take care,

Alan Molina

Posted: April-24 @ 13:21 est.
Name: Eric Tit.....
Comment: While I think a handling charge can be justified this particular situation looks very discriminatory and over priced. I will be more than happy to find another airline when I hunt the Yukon this fall.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:21 est.
Name: J. J. Ar.....
Comment: Don:

We need to look at both sides of this issue. On the one hand all airlines ( Air Canada Included ) are loosing their financial rear ends. They absolutely need to find some sources of revenue in order to survive. On the other hand, I find 57.00 for maybe a total of 15 minutes of time and a small piece of paper placed inside the gun case an exorbitant charge. I think that 20.00 to 25.00 would more than cover extra costs and it would not bust the hunting budget.

It seems to me that the Canadian government and its tourism division ( if one exists ) are going to have to examine this situation. First Canada’s gun laws have become more and more cumbersome. We are not allowed to take even a small caliber side arm on a big game hunt. It would be nice to be able to take an occasional ptarmigan or other small game for camp meat. The restriction seems ridiculous in view of the fire power that we take to harvest big game animals. Registration of rifles for short duration ( less than a month ) hunts seem totally unnecessary. The trend is signaling a more hunter unfriendly environment.

Eventually, all these extra fees and regulations are going to start to impact the hunting industry. Which brings about the question, where are they in this situation. Why aren’t they contacting us hunters directly. I have hunted with at least a half dozen outfitters in the territories and the lower provinces. I should be on many lists when it comes to these issues. They never contact individually or as a part of the industry in general. They need to get proactive on these issues or they are going to eventually loose part if not all of their clients.

Thanks to your organization the word is getting out. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and should be commended. Keep up the good work.


J. J. Archuleta

Posted: April-24 @ 13:20 est.
Name: Sam Tild.....
Comment: Dear Sir,

The recently announced Air Canada policy to charge what appears to be an arbitrary and very high fee for the carriage of firearms to and from Canada will do nothing but persuade hunters to seek other means of travel. I for one have flown Air Canada in the past and have always considered it to be one of my favorite airlines.

Your airline’s action means that I will find other means of transport to Canada and indeed other places to which I travel where Air Canada is a carrier until this policy is rescinded.


Sam Tilden

Posted: April-24 @ 13:20 est.
Name: Mychal M.....
Comment: Dear Mr. Brewer,

I wanted to voice my opinion on the new gun handling charges Air Canada is implementing. I am currently planning my first hunt in Canada and was disheartened to see another cost associated with my trip. Granted, $114 is a small percentage of the total cost of the trip, but with the cost of hunting rapidly increasing, at some point it's the last hundred dollars that tips the scale and makes someone decided to spend their hunting dollars elsewhere. If there truly is an added cost to handling firearms, I can't argue with paying an additional charge. But I have a very difficult time believe that it costs Air Canada an extra $57 to put my firearm on an airplane. Until Air Canada either justifies what it is charging or drops the charge altogether, I will seek alternative means of transportation while in Canada. Thank you for your time,

Mychal Murray Houston, TX USA

Posted: April-24 @ 13:20 est.
Name: Halina K.....
Comment: It is critical that you mention Air Canada needs trigger lock.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:19 est.
Name: Danny Ra.....
Comment: If they want me to fly with them, Air Canada , must drop this firearms fee.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:19 est.
Name: Gregory .....
Comment: I think the charge is outrageous and I will do everything possible to avoid flying Air Canada no matter the purpose of my trip as a form of boycotting this discriminatory practice. Fortunately thre are still other options for flights in and out of this largely socialist country. Another option is to drive to the intended destination.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:19 est.
Name: Steve Ha.....
Comment: To Air Canada execs: Your airline is good and I have used them many times in hunting trips. But, your ridiculous fee for gun handling is totally out of line with any other airline in the World, and I have used them all. All you need right now is to have the 1.2 million hunters that come to Canada each year to pick another airline. And for your company to be branded as having an anti hunter bias throughout N. America. That's another 7 million hunters who will be bad mouthing you. Please think about it. Thanks Steve Hanna

Posted: April-24 @ 13:18 est.
Name: Jim Pier.....
Comment: Thank you for the bulletin on the recently enacted charges by Air Canada for transportation of firearms. I totally agree with your letter. A reasonable fee schedule for shipping firearms to the proper destination in a safe and damage free method would be welcomed. I have not flown into Canada with firearms for quite some time. The last trip I did make was to Ft. Nelson, B.C. for a combination elk/moose hunt and our gun cases were beat to death—virtually ruined in fact. If Air Canada insists on treating hunters unfairly, then we should all tell our hunting friends to boycott the airline for ALL flights to and through Canada regardless of the reason for the flight. Maybe, the loss of income would get their attention.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:18 est.
Name: Gary Dol.....
Comment: This is an absolute insult to the many hunters that traverse into Canada each year to hunt. I for one will avoid Air Canada and find alternative flights with other airlines. I travel to Canada once or twice a year for hunting and fishing. They have lost my business unless they reverse this rip off disguised as special handling fees. If they don't want hunters on their airline we can accomodate them. Gary Dolezan

Posted: April-24 @ 13:17 est.
Name: Ted Brei.....
Comment: Canada does not deserve our can find excellent gale sites within the USA...."SO STAY" !!! ted B

Posted: April-24 @ 13:17 est.
Name: J Brunsw.....
Comment: excessive to say the least

Posted: April-24 @ 13:17 est.
Name: GW Lopus.....
Comment: I live in Canada, and I would tell all hunters and fishermen to fly WEST JET and then you can tell Air Canada to take their planes and business and shove it where the sun sets!!!!!!!! And West Jet is cheaper and better and safer and finer air planes to fly. Air Canada...I are a bunch of crooks and were always ripping everyone off. And all the CEOS are crooks and I would Tell all yours travelers to NOT fly with them. Air Canada has milked the system for over 25 years and it is time to put them OUT of Business. If you need any help how to come to Canada without the BS...Let me know!!! I have run a worldwide hunting and fishing site since 1999 and I am a Canadian that has had enough of these very filthy rich crooks taking everyone for a ride. The Very Best to All hunter and Anglers. Don't Let Air Canada screw your trips to Canada.........Better Yet SCREW THEM!!!! If you ever saw how they run their books ........The Canadian Government has Bailed them out many times....and the Canadian taxpayer has had to pay their BS Bills to keep them going.........Screw Them!!!!!!!

Posted: April-24 @ 13:16 est.
Name: Rick Ste.....
Comment: Don, I wholeheartedly concur that a $57 charge for "handling" my firearm is ridiculous and Air Canada needs to know it. Not only will I not fly Air Canada, I don't hunt in Canada because of the gun hassles the border rules create. I can shoot everything Canada offers by going to Alaska. I know it penalizes Canadian outfitters, but I just won't spend my tourist dollars in gun unfriendly countries if I can help it. Countries need to feel the pain when they alienate traveling hunters. We are the pinnacle of wealthy tourists. What other single group takes $10,000 vacations every year or even more frequently?? Hollywood movie stars and CEOs maybe, but that's about it. Many hunts cost a lot more than ten grand too. I'm probably at the lower end of hunt report subscribers and I'm planning on hunting deer in Arizona, NM, Colorado, and Wyoming this year, bear in Colorado, and Aoudad in Texas, and in 2007 I'm going to do an African Lion hunt, dart a Rhino, and possibly a Dall Sheep hunt in the Chugach. Do a little math on those tourist dollars! And Canada ain't going to see a one of them! Needless to say, Air Canada will not know my name. Just like I NEVER fly through London. British Airways has great service, but they don't know my name either. I've got tens of thousands of ff miles on S. African Airways though. Feel free to forward this if you get a good email address, or send it to me and I'll send it on. Regards, Rick Steiner

Posted: April-24 @ 13:16 est.
Name: Jim Hube.....
Comment: The proposed fees for "Handling" firearms definitely shows a bias against hunting and shooting sports. A nominal extra charge would be tolerated if in fact the airline provided "Special Handling", not the normal abusive care our firearms receive by most carriers. I would think the Canadian tourism bureau would be an ally to us on this matter. Keep up the good work.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:15 est.
Name: Bob Irvi.....
Comment: As an outfitter operating on the Canadian side of the border, and who, as an outfitter, constantly advises clients on their travel arrangements, I can definitively tell you that you have stepped way over the line this time. Its bad enough that you runan airline that is consistently behind schedule, constantly offering bad service, (in both official languages), are notorious for lost luggage, and surly employees, but now are finding a new way to alienate customers by imposing even new burdens on the traveling public.

I suspect that it isn’t handling the firearms that is a problem, it is you just don’t like the thought of firearms being brought into Canada.

Operate the airline professionally, and stop operating it based on your personal feelings.

Air Canada has done enough to damage Canada’s reputation through Air Canada being the Official Airline of Canada.

Roll-back the charge now.

Just another Canadian tax-payer.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:15 est.
Name: Don Ledb.....
Comment: Don-It does not bother me to see that an airline has added a fee for the handling of firearms. However, the one imposed by Air Canada seems to be steep. I would feel that a charge in the $25.00 range would defray any additional costs incurred by a carrier for any special handing required. I would hope that Air Canada would reconsider the amount being imposed. Certainly, if there is an alternative to flying Air Canada with a firearm I would take it. I already have flights on Air Canada booked for this summer for my son and me. I have flown Air Canada before and have found them to be very good. I hope this does not indicate a change in their attitude towards hunters.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:15 est.
Name: Randy Pr.....
Comment: outrageous! Canada Air is already notorious for poor service!

I hunted Wolf this winter outside of Grande Prairie, AB and waited an extra day for my rifle to show up. The outfitter was certain this is the norm over 60% of the time!

I hunted through Yellowknife last year and Canada Air lost all my caribou meat on the return flight - still no resolution after 7 months!

they have a lot of nerve - we should boycott.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:14 est.
Name: Al Kuntz.....

Posted: April-24 @ 13:14 est.
Name: Eugene L.....
Comment: Way too high a fee for gun handling by air canada.

There are other airline that service the country I suggest we try them first.

Posted: April-24 @ 13:13 est.
Name: Lloyd Mi.....
Comment: I have hunted many times in Can.--Lab.,Nfld,New Brunswick,Brit. Columb.,Yukon,and NW Terr. It is a great country. It is too bad that the political and business differences between Canada and US have to be reflected at such perverse levels as the proposed tax on rifles crossing the border. They are punishing the goose that lays the golden egg. Can't we be more reasonable with each other?

Posted: April-24 @ 13:13 est.
Name: George F.....
Comment: I read about your unreasonable gun handling fee on your airline, and as a result I will inform my friends and family, and never use your airline for travel into your country.

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   Cape Buffalo
   Nile Buffalo
   Water Buffalo
Bushbuck Hunting (633)
   Chobe Bushbuck
   Harnessed Bushbuck
   Limpopo Bushbuck
   Masai Bushbuck
   Menelik Bushbuck
Bushpig Hunting (137)
Caracal Hunting (87)
Caribou Hunting (314)
   Central Canada Caribou
   Mountain Caribou
   Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Cat Hunting (86)
Chamois Hunting (203)
   Cantabrian Chamois
Cheetah Hunting (18)
Chevrotain Hunting (2)
Civet Hunting (33)
Coyote Hunting (19)
Crocodile Hunting (181)
Deer Hunting (1302)
   Brocket Deer
   Columbia Blacktail Deer
   Coues Whitetail Deer
   Desert Mule Deer
   Fallow Deer
   Hog Deer
   Mule Deer
   Pere David Deer
   Red Deer
   Roe Deer
   Rusa Deer
   Sambar Deer
   Sika Deer
   Sitka Blacktail Deer
   Water Deer
   Whitetail Deer
Dik-Dik Hunting (65)
Donkey Hunting (4)
Duiker Hunting (453)
   Blue Duiker
   Bush Duiker
   Common Duiker
   Red-Flanked Duiker
Eland Hunting (611)
   Cape Eland
   Giant Eland
Elephant Hunting (374)
Elk Hunting (285)
   Asian Elk
   Rocky Mountain Elk
   Roosevelt Elk
   Tule Elk
Gazelle Hunting (142)
   Goitered Gazelle
   Grant Gazelle
   Soemmerring Gazelle
   Thomson Gazelle
   Tibetan Gazelle
Gemsbok/Oryx Hunting (503)
Gerenuk Hunting (57)
Giraffe Hunting (94)
Goat Hunting (147)
   Feral Goat
   Mountain Goat
Grysbok Hunting (97)
Hartebeest Hunting (207)
   Red Hartebeest
Hippopotamus Hunting (212)
Hyena Hunting (162)
Ibex Hunting (263)
   Beceite Spanish Ibex
   Gredos Ibex
Impala Hunting (750)
Jaguar Hunting (2)
Javelina Hunting (39)
Kob Hunting (68)
Korrigum Hunting (6)
Kudu Hunting (1006)
   Greater Kudu
   Lesser Kudu
Lechwe Hunting (135)
   Red Lechwe
Leopard Hunting (541)
Lion Hunting (472)
   Mountain Lion
Lynx Hunting (34)
Markhor Hunting (9)
Moose Hunting (254)
   Mountain Moose
   Shiras Moose
Mouflon Hunting (104)
Muntjac Hunting (16)
Musk Ox Hunting (54)
Nilgai Hunting (16)
Nyala Hunting (303)
   Mountain Nyala
Oribi Hunting (106)
Ox Hunting (60)
Peccary Hunting (29)
Prarie Dog Hunting (5)
Puku Hunting (95)
Reedbuck Hunting (355)
   Mountain Reedbuck
Reindeer Hunting (6)
Rhebok Hunting (72)
Rhinoceros Hunting (84)
Roan Hunting (187)
Sable Hunting (369)
Sheep Hunting (669)
   Aoudad Sheep
   Barbary Sheep
   Bighorn Sheep
   Blue Sheep
   California Big Horn Sheep
   Corsican Sheep
   Dall Sheep
   Desert Bighorn Sheep
   Feral Sheep
   Four-Horned Sheep
   Kerman Sheep
   Mouflon Sheep
   Red Sheep
   Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
   Soay Sheep
   Stone Sheep
Sitatunga Hunting (112)
Springbok Hunting (406)
Steenbok Hunting (220)
Suni Hunting (39)
Tahr Hunting (149)
   Himalayan Tahr
Takin Hunting (1)
Tiang Hunting (11)
Topi Hunting (38)
Tsessebe Hunting (94)
Tur Hunting (7)
Urial Hunting (18)
Varmint Hunting (71)
Warthog Hunting (696)
Waterbuck Hunting (471)
Wildebeest Hunting (665)
   Black Wildebeest
   Blue Wildebeest
Wolf Hunting (231)
Wolverine Hunting (45)
Yak Hunting (3)
Zebra Hunting (725)
   Burchell's Zebra