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New Hampshire Auctioning Two Moose Permits
Violence Erupts in CAR, Hunters Should Take Precautions
Hunters Report Trouble with Congo Hunting Safaris
Caribou Sport Hunting Closed in Alaska GMU 23; Increased Restrictions in GMU 22
Utah Deer Tags to Be Released! Prepare NOW to Grab Yours
Court Rules No ESA Permits Required for Three Amigos Antelope
A Call for Hunters to Challenge Legality of NJ Trophy Import Ban
News Alert – Pending Elephant Imports In Danger of Seizure
USFWS to Implement New Elephant Trophy Import Requirements
Hunters Needed for Bukharan Urial Conservation Hunt in Tajikistan – Limited Licenses Available
Alberta Wildfire May Impact Some Fall Hunts
Argentina Improves Gun Import Process for Sportsmen - Consular Permits Now Obtainable by Mail
Longtime Quebec Outfitter Sammy Cantafio Sells Ungava Adventures Fishing and Hunting Camps
New Jersey to Ban Import and Possession of CITES Trophies
The Netherlands Implements Import Ban on Hunting Trophies
Winter Storm Vexo May Impact Pronghorn and Mule Deer Permits in CO and WY
UN Arms Embargo on CAR Blocks Transport of Hunting Firearms
USFWS Proposes to Delist Yellowstone Grizzly Bear
LAN Cargo Bans Hunting Trophies
CAR Addressing Pending CITES Suspension of Trade
Anti-Hunters Move to Ban All Trophy Imports to the EU
Advice on Wyoming Sheep and Bison Applications Due Next Monday
Ontario Approves Spring Bear Hunt
Utah Regulation Change Opens Opportunities for Trophy Hunters
Tajikistan: Potential New World Record Bukharan Markhor Taken by Austrian Hunter
Quebec Changes Caribou Licensing to Support Herd Management
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Hunting the Spiral Horns – Eland, Everyman’s Elephant

Hardcover with a dust jacket
336 pages, 350 color photographs and 40 black and white
Published by Rowland Ward Publications, 2013

This is the second in a series of books about the spiral-horned antelopes of Africa. Peter Flack, with the help of many other authors, gives us a rich mosaic of the world's largest antelope, the eland. Hundr.......

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bushbuck – The Little Big Buck (Standard Edition)

Hardcover with a dust jacket
400 pages, 450 color and 33 black and white photographs
Published by: Peter Flack Productions, 2014

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Bushbuck - The Little Big Buck, edited by Peter Flack, is the third in a five-book series covering all 30 spiral horn species and subspecies (recognized by both Rowland Ward.......

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In The June Issue of The Hunting Report Newsletter
Africa: How the Zimbabwe Drought is Affecting Hunting Conditions
Many readers have no doubt seen recent media reports on the drought conditions in Zimbabwe and the resulting humanitarian crisis. With the safari season underway, hunters may well wonder about the effects of drought on wildlife there. Fortunately, the current picture in Zimbabwe's parks and conservancies is not nearly as bad as it could have been, thanks to substantial rainfall in late March....
Africa: Zimbabwe Responds to Lion Listing by USFWS
In our May cover story, we reported that Zimbabwe had submitted some of the information requested by the US Fish & Wildlife Service for its Division of Management Authority to make decisions on import permits for lion trophies. Here is an update from ZPHGA Chairman Louis Muller...
Africa: More Success on Duiker Hunts in Liberia
In our April issue we shared subscriber J. Susi's report on a successful hunt for zebra duiker and other small game in Liberia with Morris Dougba's Liberia Rainforest Safari, represented by Ken Wilson of Sportsmen on Film and Shunneson & Wilson (; 830-792-4200). At press time we heard from subscriber W. Stout, who called from Liberia via sat phone to tell us that he and Rex Baker had both been successful on zebra duiker as well as spectacular black duiker and water chevrotain in the Bella Forest concession....
Africa: South Africa Creates Mountain Zebra-Camdeboo Protected Environment
In early April, South African Minister of Environment Mrs. B E E Molewa declared the creation of the Mountain Zebra-Camdeboo Protected Environment for a 268,428 hectare (about 663,000 acre) area in the East Cape. As the name suggests, the area is part of a corridor between Mountain Zebra and Camdeboo National Parks....
Africa: Subscriber Refunded on Zambia Hunt Following Resident Hunting Issues
Back in January we published a mixed report from subscriber E. Reynolds on a buffalo hunt in Zambia's Nyaminga GMA with Paya Kakuli Safaris. Reynolds ran into major issues on the hunt from excessive encroachment by resident hunters in the concession, although he reports seeing abundant game. Recently, PH and camp manager Derick van Staden wrote to inform us that Paya Kakuli decided to refund Reynolds' expenses....
In the Publisher's Sights: "What Is This Email Extra?"
A long-time subscriber recently asked me what the box at the end of some stories means, which reads, "There's more to this story. Want to read it? Go EXTRA!" It's a question we get frequently and which deserves some clarification....
US West: Montana Takes Another Step Toward Reopening Grizzly Hunting
On May 12 the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission took the next step in the long process of returning grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) to state management, this time establishing a framework for public comment on a potential grizzly bear hunting season in Montana. The state plan is necessary for the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to consider the potential impacts of delisting....
Trip Planning File: New Booking Agency Packages Exclusive Hunting/Cultural Experiences in Italy
If you're the kind of hunter who enjoys collecting experiences as much as trophies, a new agency called World Hunting Society may interest you (and any non-hunting travel companions). We first heard of WHS from Marina Lamprecht of Hunters Namibia, who tells us she personally used their services and has since been sending clients there with good results....
US East: Post-draw Disappointment I - Eastern Whitetails
Whitetail deer are found in 46 of the lower 48 states and most Canadian provinces. So, most North American hunters don't consider them a "destination" species. But with the hunt drawings nearly over and with one or more vacancies in your fall schedule, it may be time to look at whitetail deer....
Safari Confidential Offers Access to Last-Minute and Bargain Hunts
While at the CIC meeting in Brussels recently, Publisher Barbara Crown connected with Safari Confidential (, a new networking platform for special hunting offers that might be of interest and use to our subscribers. Of course, when looking at the offers on the Safari Confidential website we recommend doing your own due diligence as you would when working with any other outfitter or agent....
Briefly Noted: Massive Wildfire Continues in Alberta Hunt Areas
As this issue went to press, the huge Ft. McMurray, Alberta wildfire was still blazing out of control, though cooler temperatures had allowed firefighters to gain some small ground. In an Email Extra bulletin sent out on May 15, we told subscribers that this would likely effect some fall hunts....
Briefly Noted: Possible Opportunity for Hog Hunting in Brazil
South America is huge and, while there are several large, metropolitan areas, much of the continent is undeveloped forest or agricultural land. Argentina is a world class destination for both native and introduced species and a few other countries, such as Paraguay, Bolivia and most recently Peru have limited openings for wingshooting and some big game species. Other than these, hunting opportunities are somewhat limited, and news of developing opportunities is cause for hope....
Briefly Noted: 2016 Raffle Permit Options
As the 2016 hunt application process winds down, some exceptional state agency sponsored raffle tags are still in play. Some states treat their regular draw as a raffle, allowing applicants to purchase more than one chance to increase their odds....
Briefly Noted: Longtime Quebec Outfitter Sammy Cantafio Sells Ungava Adventures
Sammy Cantafio, long-time owner/operator of Ungava Adventures (; 866-444-3445) in northern Quebec, will be retiring this season. Cantafio has sold the company, including its caribou outfitting business and the fishing camp at Helen Falls on the George River, famous for its Atlantic salmon fishing. The business has been purchased by well-known Kuujjuaq businessman Johnny Adams, Karl Mongrain of Group Mongrain, and a third (silent) partner....
Ripcord Travel Protection: Security Update on Tamaulipas, Mexico Area
Last month, we published a first-hand report from correspondent Gary Kramer who had enjoyed not one but two recent trips to La Finca Lodge near Tamaulipas, Mexico....
Concierge Corner: Visa Service Helps Simplify Last-Minute Travel Planning
Unfortunately, international travel isn't getting any easier or less complicated these days. Yet traveling to hunt is what we are all about. So when we find something that does make your hunting travel easier, we are going to share it with you....
Spotlight on Central Barren-Ground Caribou: Is Now "The Good Old Days" For Caribou?
Editor's Note: We've long followed the well-documented ups and downs of the great herds of Quebec-Labrador caribou in eastern Canada, and the corresponding rise and decline of the hunting industry based on those herds. When we saw signs that things were changing elsewhere in the caribou-hunting world, we asked Editor-at-Large and wildlife biologist Mike Bodenchuk to help you stay ahead of those changes. Here's his insightful report.
Outfitter Critique: Subscriber Takes B&C Trophy Muskox in Northwest Territories
In Report 10498, Subscriber Dale Hislop adds to our file of 60 reports on Canadian muskox hunts with a thumbs up on his August 2015 hunt with Plummer's Arctic Lodges (; 204-774-5775) in Northwest Territories. Hislop notes that Plummer's also offers catch-and-release fishing on Great Bear Lake and some of the other guests were fishermen.
Outfitter Critique: First Report on Reopened Spring Bear Hunting in Ontario
Subscriber Mark Richards had been following our coverage of the re-opening of spring bear hunting in Ontario (see Articles 3731, 3717 and 3680), and decided to jump in. He found KO-River Lodge (; 1-800-267-0737) in Report 6416 in our database and booked a hunt. "This is a hunt that's an easy drive from my home in Virginia or anywhere on the East Coast or upper Midwest, and I thought it might offer a chance for a really good bear," Richards told us in a phone call made while he was driving home on May 16....
Outfitter Critique: Thumbs Up Reports on Two Argentina Outfitters
We have two positive reports on Argentina hunts this month from subscribers M. Dorn and J. Sholes. Dorn's report is our first on Tipiliuke Lodge in Patagonia, which is better known to anglers as a trout hot spot. Dorn hunted red stag at Tipiliuke for four days in early March. He booked his trip with Gordie White of Gordie White Hunting Worldwide (; 512-847-2048)....
Controversy: No Bears Seen on Alaska Bait Hunt
In report 10469, subscriber J. Furstenau says he can't recommend his May, 2015 brown bear hunt with Alaska Trophy Outfitters, booked through Neil Summers of Bowhunting Safari Consultants. Furstenau tells us the reason for his displeasure is simple: he didn't see a bear....
Controversy: Follow-up Report on Todd Rice and Sonoran Outfitters
Continuing subscribers will remember the whirlwind of controversy surrounding Todd Rice's Sonoran Outfitters and missing sheep trophies from Mexico....
Important Deadlines
Here are the important permitting developments to watch for this month in the US.Compiled by Mike Bodenchuk, Editor-at-Large
More Reports
(Editor's Note: Over the past month we have received reports on hunts in the following parts of the world. All of these reports have been added to our files and are available to you as an E-Mail Extra subscriber. Just click on the ID number for the report you would like to see and you can view the full text in our database. Enjoy!)
Conservation Force: New Jersey Likely to Adopt Ban on Four of Big Five Trophies
In the March edition of Conservation Force Bulletin, we wrote about "Cecil's Law" in Connecticut, a state bill that would prohibit the import and possession (among other things) of Big Five hunting trophies. At the end of April that bill passed out of the state Senate and is now being considered in the House. But that bill is the least of our current worries.
Conservation Force: Statement to the Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking
On April 15th I attended the Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking in the Department of Interior Auditorium in Washington DC I had formally been nominated to be made a member of the Advisory Council but the CEO of WildAid was selected. I learned of this in an announcement during the meeting that morning. I did register to make an oral statement, which was also submitted in writing. The written submission follows. Conservation Force has also made a similar statement to the European Commission.
Conservation Force: First Tier of Supporters
It has been too long since we have given the first tier of supporters of Conservation Force credit for their contributions to all that we do.
Conservation Force: Scientists Finally Disclose Cecil Not Lured from Park
WILDCRU, The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit based at Oxford University that collared and satellite tracked Cecil has just published an article revealing that Cecil was not lured out of the Hwange National Park by Dr. Palmer and/or his PH. It also discloses that Cecil was in a core area he occupied outside of the park when hunted. The lion's home range was far outside of the park.

Zim Chief Says Dead Lions Lead the News, While Africans Aren't Even An Afterthought
Barbara Crown, When you decide about wildlife in Africa, you also decide how Africans must live and die.
Read Post »
See Barbara's weekly video interview on
The American Trigger Sports Network

Hunting Down Under
Greg Morton, A good picture is worth a 1,000 words so here is the equivalent of 3,000 words from Northern Territory, Australia. Profile article to follow.
Read Post »

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02/26: Canada Sheep Hunting Survey:
Canada Sheep Hunting Survey
08/26: Zimbabwe Lifts Hunting Suspension, Announces New Regs for Some Dangerous Game Hunting:
Zimbabwe Lifts Hunting Suspension, Announces New Regs for Some Dangerous Game Hunting
08/25: Requirements For Temporary Import of Sport Firearms to Argentina:
Requirements For Temporary Import of Sport Firearms to Argentina
07/24: McConnell & Co Guiding Services Controversy: Unforgettable For All the Wrong Reasons:
McConnell & Co Guiding Services Controversy: Unforgettable For All the Wrong Reasons
07/21: IUCN Guiding Principles for Trophy Hunting:
IUCN Guiding Principles for Trophy Hunting
07/21: The Real Skinny on Chronic Wasting Disease:
The Real Skinny on Chronic Wasting Disease
05/28: Scottco African Safaris Controversy: Jumping the Gun:
Scottco African Safaris Controversy: Jumping the Gun

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Featured Trophy
New World Record
Marco Polo Sheep

Wind, Dust and Snow II: Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur and Ibex in Asia by Robert Anderson

Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur, and Ibex in Asia
by Robert Anderson

2015 Long Beach, 283pp, photos in color and b&w, 10.5x10, hardcover, dust jacket
Volume 7 in the Safari Press's Classics in Hunting at High Altitudes Series
Standard edition
ISBN: 978-1-57157-419-0

Robert Anders.......

Africa's Greatest Tuskers by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

2015 Long Beach, 308pp, color and B&W photos, 8.5x11, hardcover
Volume 84 in the Safari Press's Classics in African Hunting Series
Limited edition of 1,000 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies
ISBN: 978-1-57157-489-3

Nothing in Africa fascinates like .......

Deadly Encounters by Craig Boddington

By Craig Boddington

2015 Long Beach, 308pp, color photos, 6x9, hardcover

Volume 42 in the Safari Press's Classics in Big-Game Hunting Series
Limited edition of 1,000 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies
ISBN: 978-1-57157-444-2

Incidents of hunters, trackers, PHs, and innocen.......

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Sitatunga - The Sly, Shy, Secretive One - Standard Edition

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Sitatunga - The Sly, Shy, Secretive One

Edited by Peter Flack

Hardcover with dust jacket
368 pages, 471 color and 36 black and white photographs 
Published by: Peter Flack Productions, 2.......

The Great Wild Sheep Adventure

(Leonard Hansen, 2015, The RoadRunner Press)

Join the adventure with determined Oklahoma hunter Leonard Hansen in his eight years of travel and outdoor challenge across North America as he wins the prestigious Grand Slam Award for North American Wild Sheep. 

You'll share the author's disappointments and triumphs in his fast-movin.......

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu, the Top African Antelope

Hardcover with dust jacket
292 pages, 400 color photographs
Published by Rowland Ward Publications, 2012

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Kudu, the Top African Antelope, edited by Peter Flack, is the first in a five-book series covering all the spiral horns and is designed to be the definitive book on hunting the six species and su.......

Hunting Icons of Africa

Hardcover with dust jacket
436 pages outstanding color photographs, 320 pages
Published By Rowland Ward, 2009

Hunting Icons of Africa represents the culmination of Peter Flack's five decades of hunting dedicated to the African continent. Having experienced literally hundreds of safaris in 15 African countries, he is un.......

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