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Act NOW for These Auction Moose Tags
EU Partially Lifts Suspension on Tanzania Elephant Trophy Imports
Test Applicants Needed for Namibian Lion Import Permits
SAA Returns to Transporting Firearms from United Kingdom
Travel Alert: No Firearms Transported to/from United Kingdom By South African Airways
Texas Deadlines Looming for Draw Opportunities
No Air Charters Available for Cameroon Forest Hunters
Clarification on Tanzania Tourism VAT
Tanzania Lifts VAT on Hunting Industry
Wyoming Offers Second Raffle for Leftover Tags
USFWS Proceeding to Release Hunters' Information to Anti-Hunting Groups
Greg Sheehan Announced as New Deputy Director of US Fish & Wildlife Service
Professional Hunter Killed by Elephant in Zimbabwe
South African PH Scott Van Zyl Still Missing in Zimbabwe
South Africa Refuses 4457 Forms with “Expired” Dates for Firearm Importation
Conservation Force to Appeal Elephant Import Permit Denials For All Hunters
Leopard Hunting with Dogs in Mozambique May Be Banned
Act NOW on these Tribal Drawing Opportunities
United Arab Emirates Open to International Hunting
No Leopard Hunting Quota in South Africa for 2017
Warning to Hunters Flying to Mexico on American Airlines/American Eagle
Act Now If You Want A Quebec Caribou Hunt!
Quebec to Ban Sport Hunting of Caribou in 2018
Warning: Trump Sons Not Involved in “The Opening Day” Fundraiser Event for Sportsmen
Alaska Doubles Tag Fees for 2017: Buy NOW Before Increase Goes into Effect
How to Protect Your Privacy Against Humane Society International's FOIA
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Wind, Dust and Snow II: Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur and Ibex in Asia by Robert Anderson

Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur, and Ibex in Asia
by Robert Anderson

2015 Long Beach, 283pp, photos in color and b&w, 10.5x10, hardcover, dust jacket
Volume 7 in the Safari Press's Classics in Hunting at High Altitudes Series
Standard edition
ISBN: 978-1-57157-419-0

Robert Anders.......

Africa's Greatest Tuskers by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

2015 Long Beach, 308pp, color and B&W photos, 8.5x11, hardcover
Volume 84 in the Safari Press's Classics in African Hunting Series
Limited edition of 1,000 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies
ISBN: 978-1-57157-489-3

Nothing in Africa fascinates like .......

Hunting in Africa, Hunting in Canada, Hunting in's all here! Read an issue of The Hunting Report Newsletter online right now!Get the latest issue of The Hunting Report Newsletter by mail.Hunting Africa, hunting russia, hunting europe....It's all one click away!

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In The July Issue of The Hunting Report Newsletter
North America: Act Now - New Texas Animal Health Regulations Will Impact Hunters

On May 9, 2017, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) approved new regulations aimed at managing the threat of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in "exotic" cervids, which, in Texas, includes elk. Dealing with what are termed "CWD susceptible species," the regulations require owners to keep herd records, estimated annual inventory and mortality records for any elk, red deer, sika or hybrids (and any moose, though there are few if any in Texas)....
In the Publisher's Sights: Pay Attention! Stand Together!
On June 13, we sent out an Email Extra Bulletin alerting subscribers that a Hunting Report subscriber had received notice from the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) informing him that that they were going to release his personal information to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). This anti-hunting organization has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request as regards the import and export of rhinoceros and elephant parts, including sport-hunted trophies....
Africa: Leopard Research Project Moves Forward in South Africa

Gaps in data on leopard populations, densities and distribution have led to withheld quotas in RSA.
(Photo courtesy John J. Jackson, Conservation Force.)

The leopard research project we told you about in South Africa is moving forward. As reported in November (see Article 3906), South Africa's private hunting and safari sector is funding a project to address gaps in the scientific data available on the status of leopards. The results will then help South Africa's Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to establish a science-based sustainable leopard quota for the country. The study will be conducted by predator behavior specialist Dr. Nkabeng Maruping-Mzileni of the Tshwane University of Technology. The project was first conceived by the Limpopo Hunters Liaison Forum (LHLF) and is being funded by the Conservation Research Fund (CRF) administered by the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA)....
Africa: Two New Reports on Successful Hunts with Liberia Safari
Morris Dougba's Liberia Safari continues to garner positive hunt reports from our subscribers. This month R. Wooley filed a report (10897) about a 20-day hunt in May that yielded two zebra duikers, plus water chevrotain and black duiker. He booked his hunt through Ken Wilson of Sportsmen on Film and Shunneson & Wilson (830-792-4200;
Africa: Subscriber Feedback on Cameroon Operator
Following Assistant Editor Justin Jones' May article on Cameroon (see Article 4038), which included a visit to Safaria's new operation in Zone 18 bis in Faro, we heard from two subscribers with positive feedback about PH Florent Mathieu of Safaria. In his article, Jones noted that Safaria may not be familiar to many American hunters, although there are reports in our database on CAR hunts with Mathieu dating back to 1999....
Mexico: Collect All the Whitetail or Turkey Varieties in One Trip

Central plateau whitetail is one of seven whitetail subspecies on offer by SJL.

Editor's note: Last month we updated you on what's happening with Mexico Hunts. This month we tell you how to get (almost) all of the Mexican whitetails or turkeys in one fell swoop. Read on for details....
Post-Draw Disappointment Cures from
Editor's note: Almost all US draw results are out, and if you don't have the tag you wanted, looking for another hunt to fill a hole in your fall schedule is natural. In our May issue, we pointed you toward leftover draw tags, OTC tags and landowner tags. Last month, we asked a number of traditional booking agents for hunts still available in Canada, where tags are rarely an issue. This month, we decided to look into the brave new world of online bookings, where last-minute plans are often made....
Briefly Noted: National Park Service Dismisses Grand Canyon Bison Hunting Idea
The US National Park Service (NPS) released its Draft Environmental Assessment for the "Initial Bison Herd Reduction" within Grand Canyon National Park in May, inviting public comment on the document. Disappointingly, the NPS dismissed public hunting as an opportunity of reducing the herd to within park carrying capacity....
Briefly Noted: Winter Tick at Alaska's Door, Could Impact Nonresident Hunting

Moose infested with winter tick. (Photo courtesy of Dan Bergeron NHFG photo.)

Winter tick, the parasite that has devastated moose populations in Minnesota and New England, is moving its range northward and knocking at Alaska's door. Winter tick has now been confirmed in Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories, where it is infecting elk, deer and moose....
Outfitter Critique: A Recommended Mountain Lion Hunt in Utah

After the shot, Porto's large Utah lion fell out of the tree and rolled into a creek.

Subscriber S. Porto filed a positive report (10895) about a Utah mountain lion hunt with Wade Lemon Hunting, booked through the Global Sportsman (830-755-9191; Porto hunted in south central Utah, "not far from the town of Torrey and very close to Capitol Reef National Park...."
Outfitter Critique: A Successful Public Land Guided Elk Hunt in New Mexico

Muns and his public-land New Mexico elk bull.

In Report 10878 subscriber M. Muns recommends his New Mexico elk hunt with Vince Vigil's New Mexico Hunting Adventures (505-363-1638; Although Vigil also offers private land hunts, Muns and his partner hunted public land in Unit 51 in Carson National Forest....
Outfitter Critique: A Foggy but Successful Alpine Ibex Hunt in Austria

Avedissian found his Alpine ibex on lower slopes among the trees.

Since he submitted six reports at once, it's no surprise that subscriber A. Avedissian won our May drawing for a free three-month extension of his Hunting Report subscription. He filed the winning report (10889) about an Oct. 2016 hunt in Austria for alpine ibex, chamois and red stag outfitted by Klemen Bugelnig (011-432-674-88201;
Outfitter Critique: Countless Rusa and Axis Deer on this Hunt in Australia
We also asked Avedissian about his eight-day Australia hunt (Report 10891) with Greg Pennicott Safaris (011-61-3625-41381; in Nov. He says, "I also connected with Pennicott at SCI in Vegas and booked a hunt in both south and north Australia for rusa deer, wapiti and water buffalo....
Outfitter Critique: Estate Hunt for Tropical Deer Species in Australia

T. Geppert with his Aussie smabar stag.

Subscriber T. Geppert reports enjoying a five-day estate hunt in Australia for Javan rusa, Moluccan rusa and sambar deer with guide Andrew Webster of Kingham Safaris in late May. He booked with Patty Curnutte of Global Sportsman (830-755-9191;
Controversy: A Guide/Client Mismatch on a Colorado Elk Hunt
Subscriber D. Zuhse is unhappy with his unsuccessful muzzleloader elk hunt in Colorado in Sept.  2016. He hunted with Bucks and Bulls Guides and Outfitters and largely blames his personal guide, Ike, for his lack of success....
Tajikistan: The Real News on Tajikistan and Those Seized Trophies

Hunting trophies siezed at the border crossing between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Last month we told you how we don't deal in fake news. News we'd been given on a seizure of trophies came from a Russian blogger who uses his corner of internet space to rant and rage, labeling everyone he comes across as a poacher. That's not news. But… we kept looking, because he was right about one thing - there were trophies seized at the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in late April. Contacts got us a report by Kyrgyz Customs, plus some newspaper reports. Now we had something to chase....
A Follow-Up Discussion on Guns for Nilgai

Subscriber T. Geppert used a .338 win Mag  to take this Texas nilgai.

Our subscribers are truly among the most experienced and able hunters in the world, and we love it when they weigh in on something we've published, adding their perspective to make the picture clearer. In our June issue, we published two subscriber reports on hunts in south Texas with Wildlife Systems (325-655-0877; In one of those reports, subscriber M. Davis noted that he used the .416 that he was planning to take to Africa to make a one-shot kill on his nilgai at 165 yards....
Important Deadlines
Here are the important permitting developments to watch for this month in the US.Compiled by Mike Bodenchuk, Editor-at-Large
More Reports
(Editor's Note: Over the past month we have received reports on hunts in the following parts of the world. All of these reports have been added to our files and are available to you as an E-Mail Extra subscriber. Just click on the ID number for the report you would like to see and you can view the full text in our database. Enjoy!)
Conservation Force: Important Issues at Upcoming CITES 29th Animals Committee Meeting
At CITES CoP17 last September in South Africa the Parties made a number of Decisions and passed Resolutions that require unprecedented review and oversight over trophy hunting of lion and leopard by the Secretariat, the Animals Committee and the Standing Committee. The Secretariat has been directed to create a CITES Task Force on African Lion to accomplish eleven tasks before CoP18 in three years.
Conservation Force: Getting an Enhancement Import Permit Requires Asking the Right Questions Before A Hunt

Markhor from a community conservancy hunt in Tajikistan were issued import permits based on proof the hunts are not detrimental to their populations.

Conservation Force is known for its "test" import permitting to establish new hunting destinations and the import of trophies of additional species or populations. It is the demonstrated use of hunting as a conservation "tool" or FORCE. John Jackson established the first elephant "enhancement" trophy import permit over 25 years ago by proving that the hunting enhanced the survival of those elephant in the respective countries.
Conservation Force: In Memoria of Theunis Botha

Theunis Botha was a husband and father of five.

In May, PH Theunis Botha was attacked and killed by elephant in Gwayi Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe. A number of cows charged. One cow knocked Theunis down, and a second was pressing him into the ground when shot on top of him. It was a coordinated, one-two attack. It is not clear if Botha was still alive when the second elephant was shot to end the attack.

What Awaits Wildlife in Mozambique without Hunters
Barbara Crown, Without the anti-poaching funded by hunters, wildlife in remote areas faces a gauntlet of traps.
Read Post »
See Barbara's weekly video interview on
The American Trigger Sports Network

Hunting Down Under
Greg Morton, A good picture is worth a 1,000 words so here is the equivalent of 3,000 words from Northern Territory, Australia. Profile article to follow.
Read Post »

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05/25: Special Controversy: Many Bad Experiences With Cavner and Julian:
Special Controversy: Many Bad Experiences With Cavner and Julian
01/06: Import-Approved South African Lion Populations:
Import-Approved South African Lion Populations
10/19: Romania Bans Hunting of Large Carnivores:
Romania Bans Hunting of Large Carnivores
10/19: Security Update: Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency:
Security Update: Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency
08/30: Conservation Force Wins Case Against New Jersey Trophy Ban!:
Conservation Force Wins Case Against New Jersey Trophy Ban!
08/10: Security Update: Ethiopia Riots:
Security Update: Ethiopia Riots
08/10: Security Update: Continuing Riots in Zimbabwe:
Security Update: Continuing Riots in Zimbabwe

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Incidents from an Elephant Hunter’s Diary (Ltd) by W.D.M. Bell

Sometimes one looks at a product and asks, “Is this for real?” Yes! This one is for real: BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED book of Walter Bell’s short stories. Once again the legendary Karamojo Bell /marches through the wilds of Africa-traversing a land virtually untouched by modern civilization in search of adventure and ivory. The Africa Bell kn.......

GAME BIRDS - A Celebration of North American Upland Birds by Gary Kramer

Hardcover, 256 pages, 12" X 9 1/4", 384 color photographs, 26 range maps.
Signed by the author

This is a photo-driven coffee table book and the most ambitious title ever attempted on gallinaceous birds, or as they are more commonly known, game birds. Gary Kramer is likely the only individual to have ever photographed and published.......

Great African Trophies by Diana Rupp

2016 Long Beach, 254pp, color photos, 10x10.5, hardcover
This is volume 82 in the Safari Press’s Classics in African Hunting Series.
Ltd. edn. of 500 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies.
ISBN: 978-1-57157-418-3

Great African Trophies is a photographic showcase of some of the greatest game trophi.......

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies by Peter Flack (Limited Edition)

Hardcover with dust jacket
432 pages, 642 color and 37 black and white photos
Published by Peter Flack Productions, 2016
Limited editions, only 200 copies, signed, numbered, quarter bound in tan leather and in a matching slip case

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies<.......

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies by Peter Flack (Standard Edition)

Hardcover with dust jacket
432 pages, 642 color and 37 black and white photos
Published by Peter Flack Productions, 2016

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies, edited by Peter Flack, is the fifth and final book in a five book series covering all 30 spiral horn species and subspecies (r.......

CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World By Gerhard R Damm and Nicolás Franco (Collector's Edition)

Two Volume Set
Hardcover with dust jacket
1,104 pages, more than 1,000 color photographs
Joint Published by CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and Rowland Ward Publishers

The meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution and ranges of the world's w.......

CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World By Gerhard R Damm and Nicolás Franco (Standard Edition)

Two Volume Set
Hardcover with dust jacket
1,104 pages, more than 1,000 color photographs
Joint Published by CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and Rowland Ward Publishers

The meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution and ranges of the world's w.......

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