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Dastardly Deed Wins Contest

Nov 04, 2010

North Island neighbours have fallen out over the demise of a pet billy goat. Colonel Stinky, a placid goat with a large set of horns disappeared over a long public holiday weekend that coincided with a local hunting competition. His bloodied carcass was later spotted, and identified hanging amongst the competition winners, and the prize-winner was the grandson of the neighbours. Bad blood had existed between the neighbours for many years, and Colonel Stinky's predecessor, another big billy called Boris had disappeared during an earlier hunting competition. Suspicions were aroused then but no evidence was found for his disappearance.
The accused neighbours denied any wrong-doing but acknowledged that Colonel Stinky might be the untagged, "wild" goat the teenager had shot in nearby bush and entered in the competition. Police are investigating claims the goat was deliberately shot to win a prize: $100 for the largest billy goat in the under 16 section.
Colonel Stinky had been rescued from a cruel farmer several months earlier, and nursed back to health by several unemployed youths who would be devastated to hear of his death. Criminal charges may follow.

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