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Small Game Excitement

Oct 21, 2010

The wallaby may be the top small game trophy available in New Zealand but he is very localised in range, and isn't the most hunted species targetted by visitors. Wild goats are not included here as they are treated as a trophy species by many outfitters so I will leave them for another blog entry, though on some properties non-trophy goats are freely available as a small game option.
The three, most hunted small game species that visiting clients throw a lot of lead at are the Australian opossum, the European brown hare, and the common rabbit. The possum and rabbit in particular have reached plague proportions in some localities though those bad old days are mostly gone. At one time the possum population was estimated at 70 million.
Trophy hunting outfitters usually offer small game spotlighting expeditions as a complimentary activity that comes under the daily guiding fee being paid. Spotlighting after dark on farms and rural areas is a legal activity and traditionally used as a way of eradicating pests. A driver, spotlighter and shooter usually comb the property with a strong spotlight looking for telltale eye shine, and then using shotgun or rifle deal to the quarry. Big tallies occasionally occur, and the bag may include the odd wild pig or deer. Clients may also seek out hare and rabbit during daylight hours and snipe them with a rifle, or use dogs to flush them in front of shotguns. A good way to fire a lot of ammo, and help out the farmer. The photos show what our big 3 small game looks like. Left to right: Possum: Hare: Rabbit. 


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