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Big Earthquake Hits Christchurch, New Zealand

Sep 11, 2010

On Saturday morning:September 4 at  4.35am  a 7.1 on the richter scale earthquake rumbled and shook its way into Christchurch city. With an epicentre only 10 kms down, and only 30 kms from the city it has caused an estimated $4 billion worth of damage, but amazingly took no lives.

If there is anything good to come out of an earthquake it was it occurred very early when few people were on the streets. Old, historic brick and masonry buildings tumbled down, and new sub-divisions built on landfill and sandy soil suffered the effects of liquidfaction. While five or six areas suffered massive damage, other areas came off quite lightly with houses suffering just cracked and fallen chimneys.
Eight days on, the city is still on tender hooks as nearly 400 aftershocks up to 5.1 have occurred, but yesterday was a lot quieter.

For international hunters and anglers the effect is minimal. Christchurch international airport is fine, the hunting and fishing areas suffered no damage, and things are slowly returning to a sense of normality. Water and power has been returned to most of the city, and schools reopen tomorrow. If you have booked a trip: it's still on, and you will experience little disruption.

As the header stated: Christchurch and its people have been shaken: Been stirred up: Been terrified: and through it all have hung tight. It is times of adversity that people in all countries find out how much mettle they have as a community. Christchurch gets a big tick in that column.

These pictures show the two main types of extensive damage suffered. Falling old buildings and sandy soil turning to slurry due to liquidfaction, and cracking or pushing up silt and water.


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