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Boar Hunting Using A Knife

Jun 12, 2009

Brendon Matthews of Matthews Trophy Hunting is noticing an increase in interest in clients wishing to chase the pig dogs and stick their first boar. This hunting method is the main way local pig hunters harvest their pigs, using long knives designed for the purpose. Rather than be passive spectators many clients are now putting their hand in the air and saying "give me a go". Not just one, but at least six so far this season.
Matthews has access to several top pig hunting locations, and owns a skilled pack of pig dogs. The hunting method involves following the dogs until they find, and chase a pig. When barking is heard the pig has bailed, (stand and fight back) and the hunters must get there quickly to save the dogs from injury. The pig, hopefully a boar is tipped over and a hunter sticks the pig in the jugular to kill it. If it is too big to tip it may be stuck behind the shoulder. The pig is then gutted and the whole carcass including head carried out on the back. A 30/30 is sometimes carried as backup. A big, gutted boar may weigh over 200lbs, and have tusks that jut 4 inches out from the jaw. Often the pig is later singed to remove bristles.
Such hunts are fast, furious, and exciting with a whiff of danger in the air, as boars can and do turn on their tormenters. I will be describing this hunting option in more detail in a forthcoming article.
The photos show dogs holding a boar, Matthews carrying out a big boar, and pig singeing.




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