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Legendary Boar Finally Nabbed

May 08, 2009

A client of Aotearoa Safaris, a hunting operation based in King Country, North Island, New Zealand couldn't believe his luck when he and a legendary wild boar crossed paths. The opportunity was not wasted, and a well placed shot saw him kill one of the largest boars taken in this country. Weighing in at 150kgs (340 pounds) it was a behemoth of an animal.

Easily recognisable because of its white feet, this hog was well known in the region as a pig-dog killer and wanton hunter-hater. Only a month before it was shot it had brazenly eaten the hindquarters off a trophy stag left near a hunting hut and chased off an unarmed guide who disturbed it. There will be little sorrow that its reign of terror has ended. Boars in New Zealand are considered massive if they reach 200 pounds so this animal is truly memorable. The picture shows a guide attemting to carry the trophy back to the truck.

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