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Barbara Crown

Barbara Crown is the editor and publisher of The Hunting Report. She first came to The Hunting Report as managing editor in 1999 She brought with her a bachelor of science in communications from Florida International University and a great passion for hunting, along with 10 years of professional writing experience. Her own hunting experience at the time involved numerous years of bowhunting for whitetails in several US states while on vacation with her husband and partner, Kevin. They also spent much time wingshooting over their Brittany spaniel. In the years since, Barbara has been fortunate to expand her horizons with trips to Arizona and Mexico for Coues deer, Argentina for red stag and ducks, Namibia and Tanzania for plains game and Cape buffalo, as well as the local alligator, wild pig and deer hunting available in her home state of Florida.

      During her time at The Hunting Report, Barbara has read, digested and researched thousands of subscriber hunt reports and investigated countless stories on hunting all over the world. Her knowledge on international hunting runs the gamut from the challenges of traveling with firearms to the specifics of tur hunting in the Caucasus Mountains to the latest trophy shipment problems caused by government bungling.

How Do You Choose Africa's Greatest Hunting Trophies?

Aug 08, 2017, Diana Rupp tells how she researched and selected among the best for her book Great African Trophies.
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What Awaits Wildlife in Mozambique without Hunters

Oct 03, 2016, Without the anti-poaching funded by hunters, wildlife in remote areas faces a gauntlet of traps.
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What Botswana's Bushmen Say about Hunting Versus Ecotourism

Oct 03, 2016, "They promised us money from photo tourism. I'm still waiting. The animals are gone."
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What Kenya’s Maasai People say about Lions and Wildlife

Oct 03, 2016, "We killed them all. I am happy they are gone."
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New Elephant Import Permit Application Finally Available

Jul 07, 2016, US Fish & Wildlife Service finally released the new import permit application for elephant trophies.
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Hunters Can Use LRA Crisis Tracker to Check on LRA Activities in Central Africa

Jun 28, 2016, Hunters headed to central Africa should check the latest activities and movements of the LRA.
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Zim Chief Says Dead Lions Lead the News, While Africans Aren't Even An Afterthought

May 03, 2016, When you decide about wildlife in Africa, you also decide how Africans must live and die.
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What Africans Say Is The Real Meaning and Cost of Hunting Bans Versus Sustainable Use

May 03, 2016, How can westerners love Cecil the lion so much, and care so little for the people of Africa?
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What Africans Say About Non-Africans Imposing Hunting Bans, Trophy Shipment Bans and Trophy Import Bans

May 03, 2016, Non-Africans making decisions for Africans is neo-colonialism at best.
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Will Your Firearm Go Hunting With You this Season? Or Will the Airlines Eat It?

Jun 27, 2012, Traveling with your hunting firearm gets more difficult every year, thanks to ever-changing airline policies and government agency regulations. Right now, thousands of hunters are either finalizing travel plans for this fall or are about to get on a plane for the African safari season this summer. The question is: will their guns get to their final destination with them? Or will the airlines refuse to check them through?
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It’s For The Children

Sep 10, 2010, Wow! Talk about smoke screens. Anti-hunting groups will say anything to demonize what we do, but to use the safety and even the death of children as a platform for their agenda is unconscionable. However, before you blow it off as the simple rambling of the rabid, take a closer look at what they are really accomplishing here.
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Do you feel like a purist?

Jul 03, 2009, Sometimes one little word can get you into all kinds of trouble. Take the word "purist" as applied to hunting.
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How to Prepare For The Hunting Shows

Jan 13, 2009, Thousands of hunters are on their way to the numerous hunting conventions this season. Many will book trips for the hunt-of-a-lifetime. Many will book the worst trips of their lives. What can you do to increase your chances of booking a trip that’s right for you?
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